Change Wiper Blades In Time To Avoid Risks On Road

Like the tires that you use on your cars, rubber compounds are also used to create wiper blades. In a close comparison to tires, the wiper blades react to factors like weather conditions and temperatures to act accordingly. Be it in terms of composition or design, wiper blades have seen evolution through years. The market is likely to show you a few specific types of wiper blades like beam blades which don’t have any frame and look sleeker besides the conventional metal frame. The one with the metal frame bears a spring assembly reaching a rubber that touches the windshield. The one without a frame has springs embedded to touch the windshield in a continuous and even distribution.

You’re bound to notice some difference in their pricing. You’ll find frame blades below $15 and some of these options will even allow you to alter the blades when the need be. The expensive ones like will come at around $25. These price points are suggested for the general buyers that use Nissan windshield wipers and Honda wiper blades. Alternatively, you may even find certain replacement windshield wiper blades that don’t fall in this price range.

Suppose you have two cars with Toyota wipers and Dodge replacement wiper blades, it’s natural for you to go through the user manual provided by the owner prior to replacing them. There were times when we used to see bean blades used on high end cars, but things seemed to have changed with time. Now-a-days, we see beam blades being used on ordinary car models.

Irrespective of the type of wiper blade you buy, get them replaced after a period of six months

You may try changing the wiper blades on your own; otherwise you’ll need to drive the car down to a neighboring mechanic. You won’t find much difference in the fitting process than what you’ve noticed in other cars by the roadside.

Know which part of the blade needs alterations. You’ll find three basic parts that constitute your windshield wipers – the rubber blade, the metal one and the wiper arm underneath these. While changing windshield wiper blades, you’re actually altering the rubber blades as they wear down due to inclement weather and water.

You may use a measuring tape or ruler for measuring your old blades made of rubber before you find the size of replacement blades that you require.

Raise the metal wiper arm away from the windshield. The wiper arm made of metal needs to be raised beyond the windshield. It must acquire a perpendicular position with respect to the windshield and remain steady. The metal wiper arm is loaded with spring and it might hit the windshield while snapping backwards.

Change the wiper. There’s a point wherein the metal arm meets the wiper blade made with rubber. The wiper blade needs to be disconnected from its metal arm at this point. It is then that the new wiper needs to be inserted. It is on this point of the arm that the refill wiper needs to slide. The second wiper also needs to be placed in the same way. However, you’ll need to be sure of the size for both sides. You may consider visiting websites like for obtaining more information. If required you may even go through the user manual provided by your car manufacturer and identify the kind of replacement wipers that you need.


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