Car Servicing and Maintenance: Choosing The Right Garage

Cars break down from time to time and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of crying over it, you should find a trustworthy car mechanic you can count on. The most important word in that phrase is not mechanic, but trustworthy – a number of car garages employ inexperienced workers who do bad work and only make your troubles worse. That is why you should choose the right garage with trained experts who will get your car back on the road in no time. Here are several tips on how to do that.

Choosing Properly

There are many ways of getting a good car – purchasing it directly from a car dealership, accepting it as a present from your parents or a hand-me-down from your older brother or, ultimately, by visiting car auctions – but even the best cars need proper maintenance. More, used or slightly older models require special attention and additional care.

That is why picking the best garage possible is a must. One of the ways to do this is to ask someone you can trust for an opinion. Good news travel fast and this is especially true when it comes to car servicing. In addition to that, you should also consult the Internet and browse for independent reviews. These are helpful because they include negative opinions as well.

Car Servicing and Maintenance: Choosing The Right Garage

Getting the Value for Your Money

Most new cars are under warranty for a certain period of time that varies from one manufacturer to the other. While most offer a 3- or 5-year warranty, some, like South Korea’s Kia Motors, extend that period up to seven years. On the other hand, certain manufacturers do not mind the time period, but the mileage and your warranty runs until you reach about 35,000 miles.

These warranties will protect you in case of accidents, bumps, flat tires and general break downs, and most car dealers even offer roadside assistance. However, not everyone is a not big fan of servicing their cars at a franchised dealer’s because these often have a tendency to charge more. That is why independent garages are in demand right now and really get you the value for your money.

How to Negotiate the Price

Negotiating a price at a car garage is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do – that is, unless you choose the right place to service your car at. There are numerous shady garages that are just looking forward to ripping you off without actually doing the work they were paid for. They charge unnecessary repairs, misdiagnose issues, additionally damage your vehicle so that they could charge more, steal items from the glove compartment and even use your car for joyriding!

Even though there are tactics to avoid these scams, protect your car and save a ton of money, the best way to do so is by asking for a written quota before leaving your car at a garage. This should include parts and labor, as well as the general tax – in short, you have to know how much money your repair is going to cost. Once that amount is established, do not agree to pay even a cent more! Finally, when collecting your car, remember to take the receipt and check whether your service book has been stamped.

Car Servicing and Maintenance: Choosing The Right Garage

Finally: Prevention

The ideal way to protect your car is to follow your service schedule closely and try to respect the dates indicated in it. Furthermore, you should drive sensibly and carefully in order to prevent bumps and save your tires. The more you take care of your care, the less service it will need.

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