Car Parts You Shouldn’t Postpone Replacing

You trust and rely on your car and truck everyday to get you to work and further. You might have bought your vehicle new or used, but either way it was a significant investment. Part of owning a car is maintaining the truck’s working parts and getting repairs done quickly. There are some parts that need repair and replacement from time to time that you wonder, if you should do the job now or if it can wait a couple of weeks. Here are some parts you should never wait to replace.


If your transmission begins to show signs that it is failing, do not wait. Once it fails completely, you will not be able to drive any further because your car will not go into gear. This will require an expensive tow and unscheduled loss of time from work. 99 Truck Parts & Industrial Equipment Ltd, a premiere truck repair in Vancouver, recommends going ahead and scheduling an immediate appointment for repairs.

Oil and Oil Filter

Your car’s engine needs oil to keep it running smoothly and keep the internal parts from being damaged as they rub against each other. As the oil makes it way through the engine it picks up debris and sludge created by the engine. The oil filter collects this debris and lets the cleaned oil back into the engine. Every three months, your car needs new oil and an oil filter.

Car Parts You Shouldn't Postpone Replacing

Headlights, Taillights and Brake Lights

At night other drivers, rely on your headlights and taillights to be able to see you. You require your headlights to see where you are going. Even if a single bulb has burned out, it will still hamper your ability to see well. Brake lights let other motorists know when you are slowing down, so the chances of an accident are lower. Also, if you have one of these lights out, police officers can pull you over and write you a ticket. These are easy and inexpensive to have replaced.

Brake Pads

Every time someone pulls out in front of you or slams on their brakes, you rely on your brakes to stop your car before an accident happens. Safety is the main reason not to wait on this repair. Also, if the brake pads wear out, there is other damage that can occur causing more expensive repairs.

These parts are essential to the running, life and safety of your car or truck, so have them repaired as soon as they need to be replaced. You will keep your car in better condition longer.

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