Car Air Fresheners Can Enhance Every Journey

We are so diligent about keeping our homes and cars clean that detergents and other cleaning agents form a considerable part of our domestic expenses. Thoroughly vacuuming and washing out a car, however, is not always as frequently done, and some very persistent smells can remain inside and make your commute unpleasant. Chances are you eat in your car; odors from foods and beverages can cling to the interior and spoil your whole trip. Some people also smoke in their cars, and cigarette smoke can be very persistent.

Among the various vehicle cleaning products available, an obvious, not very expensive option for making your car smell fragrant is to use a quality car air freshener.

Car Air Fresheners Can Enhance Every Journey

What kinds of Car Air Fresheners are there?

The ‘entry-level’ option if you will is the handy portable cardboard hanging type of air freshener, where you have to rip off the protective plastic wrapping to expose the product to the air as it does its work. You have a little control over how much of the product you are using up, because you can remove the wrapping little by little instead of all at once. These car air fresheners are quite cheap and come in packs, usually of six.

Oil diffusers and stick-on gel fresheners, while on the other end of the price spectrum, offer the best value for money and do the most heavy-duty work. Place one of these in a storage area in the car and enjoy the benefits over several weeks. They are manufactured so that their fragrance disperses very effectively, so if you want the best out of car fresheners, these could well be your first choice.

Hanging fresheners or even gel fresheners can be prominent inside any car— there’s much by way of scenery after all— and many people prefer a more discreet product. This too is possible if you use vent sticks. As the name suggests, you can simply attach them to your car air vents and let them use the airflow to do their work. Most vent stick car air fresheners are suitable for all car vent types, and are extremely easy to attach. They’re also cute enough to make a nice present. Plug-in car air fresheners are also useful for quickly refreshing your car interior with minimum fuss.

What’s In a Smell?

It’s all right to be picky about the actual fragrance. Like all air fresheners, car air fresheners often come in rather tacky and overwhelming scents. Your car is already a very confined space, especially if you keep your windows rolled up often— no need to use a product that runs counter to one of its actual aims and feel suffocated when you should feel relaxed instead. The range of fragrances on the market is large, so visit your local auto store and get a feel for the kind of car air freshener you can stand.

Look after your Car

Remember that all car fresheners are best used along with a good car cleaning routine. Pay attention to the various nooks and crannies of your car, and keep garbage bags and metal mesh vessels inside so you aren’t tempted to put used food containers or dirty shoes or gear directly on the upholstery. A regime of care and regular car air freshener usage will make every drive a better experience.

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