Can New Cycling Innovation Enhance Performance?

A new cycling gadget is on the way that claims to be able to enhance performance by cooling the biker down and decreasing dehydrating whilst riding. Anyone who follows the sport of cycling will know that dehydrating is a common problem that can lead to sub-par times. This device, which is known as ‘Spruzza’ meaning ‘Sprinkler’ in Italian, sprays water on the rider on demand. A study carried out with U.C. Davis and presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference found that it’s able to give a lower dehydration level during hot temperatures. Its creators also claim that it’s capable of reducing fatigue and providing a demonstrable performance advantage.

According to the people behind this innovation, Spruzza sprays just enough water to cover a cyclist’s face, neck, and chest. It lowers the skin temperature by using the same principles that the human body uses; evaporation and the wind chill effect. Using bottled water to achieve this effect is wasteful, as each pour from a bottle uses 4 to 5 ounces of water, and it’s only the water that sticks to the cyclist’s skin that cools him or her down. Spruzza takes around a fifth of an ounce of water to achieve the same cooling effect.

Spruzza is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. If you’re a data driven athlete or cyclist of any stripe, you probably love numbers. It looks set to be the next must-have bike accessory. Numerous different studies have shown that hydration is a major issue when it comes to the sport of cycling. A study published by the Journal of Athletic Training in 2013 concluded that it was an ‘important factor’, and it has been established that dehydration that exceeds two per cent of a person’s body mass severely decreases his or her exercise performance.

There are also a number of physiologic responses to dehydration that reduce aerobic capacity, which has a knock on effect upon performance. It decreases the skin’s blood flow, raises the risk of experiencing hyperthermia. Dehydration-induced hypovolemia can also mean that the heart has to expend more effort to ensure that cardiac output is maintained.

With these points in mind, Spruzza could potentially be a major asset when it comes to cycling performance. However, this depends entirely upon how well it works. It’s possible that it won’t be capable of delivering upon its promises. This is a danger with any new product, especially those that have been brought into existence via crowdfunding platforms and are relatively new. The fact that it has been tried and tested by a reputable institution and provided positive results indicates that it is an innovation that many people are likely to have faith in. Only time will tell whether or not this faith will be reflected by the actual quality of the product. Whether or not you believe that it will be capable of doing what it says on the tin, one thing is for clear: it’s an intriguing product that is certainly likely to cause a stir when it hits the shelves. Check it out for yourself at

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