Business Shipping: What You Need to Know

If you are a shipping company manager you probably know how important it is to find a company that collects and delivers on time. There is no excuse for late delivery where customers are involved, because here is where you will potentially lose your business. For small businesses especially, shipping out merchandise can be one of the most complicated operations you have to go through. It takes very good planning to ensure everything gets out on time and to the right destinations. Providing consistent delivery is what will help businesses maintain their customers, so managing shipping effectively is something that will directly affect a company’s bottom line. Read on for more tips.

Business Shipping: What You Need to Know

Finding a good shipper

One of the most important aspects of business shipping is finding a company that meets your needs and is reliable. Generally, you want to go with a shipping company that is flexible and that can handle changing needs. You might want to ship larger amounts in the future or ship at different rates, etc. You can develop trust in a company that demonstrates it is able to handle all kinds of shipping situations. If your business is seasonal and increases at different times of the year you want a company that can handle that load without fail. OSM Worldwide is one shipping company that’s ready to handle any kind of load at any time. If you stay with the same shipping company for a long period, you tend to develop a relationship which can enhance the quality of the entire experience.

Establish shipping policies

When you ship products to your customers, it is important to be clear on your policy of when you pay shipping costs and when they do. Maybe three-day parcel service is covered by your company, but if the customer wants something shipped in one day, they must cover the cost. Whatever your policy, make sure it’s clear on your website so there is no confusion after the customer places their order. The easier and more concise you can make the process for them, the more likely you are to retain their business in the future.


If you regularly ship large amounts, between 150 and 2,000 pounds, it can be far more cost effective for you to consolidate rather than pay for your own individual shipping. A freight consolidation service will combine your order with other shipments on a full truckload, which saves you money.

Track performance

You should track the performance of your shipping company to make sure they are meeting your business needs. Your carrier can keep a “scorecard” that tracks a range of service factors; for example, pickup and delivery time, cost and responsiveness to customer inquiries. If there are any lapses in the service you should be ready to talk to your shipping provider and see where you can correct any errors that might be costing you business. You might also want to get feedback directly from the customer. You can have customers send you a feedback form to discuss their entire purchasing and delivery experience.

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