Buffalo Chicken Dip

Cue the chicken. Cue the hot sauce. Cue the cream cheese. And cue the spices. Voilà! You’ve just mastered the art of the Buffalo chicken dip. Buffalo chicken dip has made a debut as an American cuisine perfect for a game day appetizer. People just love to indulge in the savory taste of the Buffalo Chicken Dip because of its warm contrast of creamy tang and spicy kick.

Local pubs, bars, and restaurants prepare this dip eloquently with subtle differences in preparation. While some may use more hot sauce, others may use more cheese. Spices also may very but the end result is the same: A delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip. Simply put, people love the contrast between two very potent tastes. Its mouthwatering scent makes it one of the most highly demanded dips out there. The steamy aroma of creamy cheese and powerful spices makes your mouth water before you’ve even taken a bite. One of the best-kept secrets for mastering the Buffalo Chicken Dip is to learn the balance of hot sauce while still bringing the heat. Hot sauce can either make or break your dip, so it’s important to discover the proper amount for creating a quality dip.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

The Buffalo Chicken Dip is a popular dish year round, but it is ordered most often on game days. Bar owners have seen a definitive spike in sales on Saturdays, when most sporting events are played. The dip serves as the perfect appetizer for sport lovers due to its affordability, accessibility, and availability. Buffalo Chicken Dip is an easy dish to prepare that doesn’t take long to serve, either. Customers do not have to wait long for their dip, which keeps them content. It’s considered a finger food because people often use chips or vegies for the dip. It’s easily sharable among a group of people, too — leading to its affordable cost in a group setting. The buffalo chicken dip has become the perfect bar food because it allows customers to have their hands and mind occupied while still waiting for their main course.

The history of the Buffalo Chicken Dip dates back to the mid 1960s, when the first Buffalo-flavored foods originated in Buffalo, New York. Variations of Buffalo wings and other Buffalo-flavored foods were so popular that they brought a veritable frenzy. Naturally, the Buffalo Chicken Dip has its roots in Buffalo Chicken Wings. Invented by Frank and Teresa Bellisimo, Franks RedHot sauce was the first Buffalo Sauce used in 1964 for the first ever batch of buffalo chicken wings. Around the same time, variations of hot sauce and Buffalo Chicken were invented in Buffalo, NY, and the AFL-NFL held the first ever Super Bowl on January 15, 1967. Since then, Buffalo Wings have become an iconic food of choice for game day parties and variations of this hot sauce and chicken combination are prepared yearly for Super Bowl events. Today, chips and dip are the most common Super Bowl snack, and you can bet that the famous Buffalo Chicken Dip is right there as well.

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