BPM Software That Serves Your Business

Companies and organizations must be able to continuously enhance their business operations in order to stay competitive and successful. If they fail to do that, they will incur higher costs, have lower profits, fewer happy clients, and less motivated staff.

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are power tools in all aspects to optimize your business processes. They allow faster, more productive, and efficient performance, while eliminating redundant operations and tasks.

What is BPM software?

While there are many definitions of Business Process Management, most experts agree that it is a business strategy that enhances enterprise performance through optimization of its business agility and operational excellence and automation of its business processes. If you think of an enterprise as an engine and BPM solution as a tool to tune up every part of that engine with the goal to reach its maximum performance, then you understand the idea of business process management.

 Is BPM suitable for every business?

BPM software was designed to serve the needs of any given company or organization. It enables businesses to achieve more with better quality, while wasting less resources and putting less effort. That is especially relevant for startup businesses and other enterprises that face tight budgets and need to become profitable quickly. At the same time, it is vital for mid-size and large companies since it saves time and resources and reduces redundancy in the course of business operations.

BPM systems are beneficial for all companies in three main areas:

  • They grant agility – In modern-day competitive business environment companies must be agile to stay ahead of their competitors. If they lack flexibility to change, they will not succeed.
  • They promise effectiveness – Once the company’s business processes become more productive, it will have more ability to handle additional work load and satisfy its customers.
  • They give efficiency – When waste of time and resources is eliminated or reduced greatly and employees are more efficient in what they do that will lift your business to new heights.

3 BPM Software tools that are worth mentioning

  1. Bpm’online has developed its out-of-the-box product for marketing, sales, and service. The company offers its robust platform that has all the required tools for business process management operations. Below are its characteristics:

BPM Software That Serves Your Business

  • Your company can benefit from the use of a visual process designer, which is a cutting-edge tool to allow your employees to deal with various processes: optimize existing, create new ones, and modify those that became outdated. Your agents will be assisted with preconfigured elements that will enable them to process data, work with pages, create new activities, or provide services.
  • Elaborate BPM platform gives the opportunity to change processes in a short period of time. Every business environment sets its own demands, and the interface provided in this solution allows quick modification or improvement of your business processes. Your agents can align service, sales, and marketing on the same platform.
  • This BPM software is based on PRINCE2, which is a well-known approach to project management that assists users in reduction of project timelines, improvement of communication between company employees and delivery of solutions that suit business demands.
  1. Pega helps build better customer-centric applications with its BPM and case management solution. This company offer tools that are open, easy, and scalable; they allow building of efficient applications models required by your business. This BPM software tool has the following characteristics:


  • In this product, business and IT cooperate, using a common visual model. Every aspect of the application, for instance, data models, processes, and other elements, is presented visually in a browser-based designer. This allows your business requirements and applications to be synchronized, and any documentation resulting from business processes will reflect your requirements.
  • As it is vital to reduce time waste in your business and simplify processes, this software offers tools to assist in fulfilling orders when your product portfolios grow. The reduction of cycle time, for instance, for service providers by 30 percent results in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Applications built on this platform put customer experience first with the help of case lifecycle management. Cases are results-driven and are made of stages; they become the framework where business and IT can cooperate. And this way, they manage processes and use the data provided to achieve great results.
  1. Canea helps visualize your processes so that everyone will be stay updated with regard to the current situation and will be able to take proper actions. This solution will assist your business to link applications, databases, and documents with the corresponding processes. It has the following features:

BPM Software That Serves Your Business

  • This company introduced its management platform that assists enterprises in running their business, make rapid changes in their operations, and reach their strategic goals on a regular basis. That is achieved through automation of the company’s work, the use of communication and organization tools that this platform offers.
  • For most if not all companies, agreements, policies, instructions and other documents are essential for their business operations. However, many businesses have their documents stored in many places. This solution helps find all of the company’s documents and have them securely stored for further interactions.
  • This BPM software is a comprehensive tool that allows project managers to focus on your projects and be their leaders instead of just being their administrators.

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