Best Steroid Stacking For Cutting and Athletic Performance

Winstrol or Stanozolol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids available in the market mainly used to burn fat and to get lean muscle mass and hard defined muscles. Stanozolol is the chemical name for winstrol, it is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) available as Winsol in the market. It is a cheaper alternative to other steroids and can be used in different ways. Winstrol is commonly used in stacking with other steroids without reducing its doses and has unique cutting abilities. Thus, all these factors made winstrol one of the top cutting steroids in the market. Winstrol is the first choice for everyone as these are available in oral pills form. These can be taken orally or sometimes directly injected to the muscle. Takingconcurrent dosing with testosterone show quicker results when compared with taking injections!

Winstrol-Testosterone Cycle:

Winstrol-testosterone cycle is generally taken by bodybuilders or athletes during cutting cycle and for improving athletic performance. In cutting phase, concurrent dosing with testosterone is useful for competitive bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, who are looking for well-toned physique. Sometimes, this is used in bulking cycle but it is not that effective when used to gain high muscle mass. In cutting phase it is used by dieting athlete. For gain athletic performance, athletes use winstrol alone in milder doses as they don’t want to gain body weight but to increase strength, speed and performance. However, this suppresses the natural testosterone production in the body and this is the reason many athletes are urged to supplement with testosterone along with winstrol.

There are two ways to cycle winstrol with testosterone. Winstrol can be restricted to use at the beginning of the cycle or at the end of the cycle depending on the goals. In both the cases, testosterone will be the base.When taken at the beginning of the cycle, users will see quicker gains usually after a few of usage. When used to kick start the cycle, after the first six weeks, the user will be only on testosterone for the next 2-6 weeks in a cycle. If when a user starts with testosterone and adds winstrol later, they won’t see quicker gains but they will be benefited bywinstrol at the end of the cycle.

It is a bodybuilder’s personal choice to choose the cycles based on his/her goal. Advanced winstrol cycle usually consists of three or more drugs or steroids used in a cycle. In all the options available testosterone will be the base. One form of advanced cycles has 12 or 16 weeks where winstrol is taken at the beginning and end weeks with a break in the middle. Another form of advanced cycles has one more steroid along with winstrol and testosterone which is a three steroid stack. Here testosterone will remain as a base, winstrol is used either at the beginning weeks or at the end weeks but a third steroid is added. In these advanced cycles, usage of winstrol is limited to maximum six weeks.

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