Best Spots In Dehradun For The Mad, Mad Foodies

Like any town, Dehradun has its hot favourite eating joints and hang out spots. People here essentially love to drive down the buzzing Rajpur Road around evening time and appreciate the brilliant culinary pleasures accessible here. The best eating joints around the neighborhood in Dehradun are located along the Rajpur Road. So when you are in Dehradun, apart from absorbing in the magnificent valley and mountain sights around, you should make no deferral in experimenting with these food havens in the city’s centre to add additional stars to your visit.

Apart from the myriad gems brought in light by the Dehradun Tourism to the world, Dehradun has a host of tongue-tantalizing points which will leave any foodie gaping awe; rather licking his fingers in ecstasy. So read ahead to get an insight into the best places in Dehradun where you can make a stopover for some heavy, medium, or light tummy pampering!

Chetan Poori

Right when Doonites need a mind-boggling Sunday breakfast or when the mood is basically to dive into something evil yet delicious, then Chetan poori wala, near Hanuman Chowk is the spot to head to. Here, you can delve into pooris accompanied with aloo and kaddu sabzi . A decent ‘ol molded Doonite would definitely have had Chetan ki Pooris. So if you are die hard punjabi or a blue-blooded foodie then congratulations, for you will find the love of your life here – the poori aaloo!

Ellora’s Melting Moments

Frequented by families, youngsters, professionals, couples, and who not, Ellora’s is adulated far and wide in Dehradun for their baked specialities, for instance, buns, bread rolls, cakes and treats. Aside from this, you can likewise discover an assortment of fast foods to satisfy those desires, or to invest some happy moments with your dear companions.

Yeti Restaurant

Best Spots In Dehradun For The Mad, Mad Foodies

Located in the midst of the busy Rajpur road, Yeti is a marvelous spot to savor the best Chinese and Thai delights you would have had till date. This eatery is well known all through Dehradun for the tom yum, great green curry, and mix seared prawns. What could be a superior affair than enjoying in some lip smacking Chinese and Thai cooking in the heart of such a superb city, no?

Inamullah Building

In case you are one of those Kebab beaus who can do everything and anything only for an aiding of the luxurious kebabs, then, buddy just walk into the Inamullah Building which houses a couple of dhabas that serve fragile and delectable Kebabs that are a veritable treat for your taste buds. Most of the dishes served here are beef based, so it is suggested to get your order customized accordingly. Rest, it’s a great spot for the non vegetarian foodies.

Town Table

The Town Table in Dehradun is a standout amongst the most celebrated eating joints in Dehradun. Regardless of the way that its continental food has a remarkable reputation in the entire city, alternate treats served here are just as enticing. Do try the ‘hyderabadi biryani’ here. Town Table is one of the best places to visit in Dehradun for pigging out in the best food.

As seen and heard generally, a retreating Dehradun to Delhi taxi never goes back on the plains without visiting Dehradun’s most sought after food joints. A hearty brunch here won’t just leave its imprint in your cherished recollections of Dehradun forever, but will likewise keep you full and filled all through your trip back home. Have fun!

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