Best Paying Jobs In Calgary

Calgary is a Canadian city in the province of Alberta. With a population estimate of about 1.2 million, this is the most populous city in Alberta and the third in the entire country. It is geographically located at the confluence of two great rivers. Well-known for its skyscrapers, the city is the Centre of Canada’s oil industry. The city is heavily steeped in the western culture. This is evident in the Calgary Stampede and the massive July rodeo and festival.

Best Paying Jobs In Calgary

Economic Trends

Being the heart of Canada’s oil industry, Calgary’s economy has for a long time depended heavily on oil and gas. This trend only changed after the crunch that hit the oil industry in the 1980’s. This marked an important milestone in the city’s economy. Since then, diversification has weighed in and has since seen other sectors come up.

Some of the sectors that benefited immensely from the city’s economic diversification include:

  • Tourism and hotel industry
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Agriculture

Tourism & Hotel Industry

This is one of the best performing industries in Calgary. With an estimate annual tourist turn-over of 3 million, the industry is at the peak of its potential. Some of the best paying jobs in Calgary are in this industry. The world-class hotels here are in dire need of highly qualified personnel in various fields: management, Information Technology etc. just to mention a few.

The geographical location of the city at the confluence of Bow and Elbow Rivers is very strategic in the tourism industry. The natural inclination of the city to western culture evident in the city’s stampede and in many other aspects also impact the tourism industry positively.

Sports and Entertainment

The hosting of the 1988 winter Olympics in the city marked a critical turning point in the sports and entertainment industry. Since then, there has been a steady growth in the industry in terms of job creation and employment opportunities.

The industry is in need of managers, administrators, coaches, trainers and the like. This industry is known for nurturing talents and helping artists and sports persons reap the most of their potential.


This is one obvious beneficiary of the oil crunch of late 80’s. The industry has since seen a massive drop in the importation of food stuffs into the city. Essentially, the city is capable of feeding itself, courtesy of its very stable agriculture sector.

Even with all these new trends in the city’s economy, oil and gas still mean much. Some of the top jobs in the city are found in the industry. Some of the careers that need highly-skilled personnel all year round include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Physicists

These professions are among the best paying in Calgary. Clearly, most of them are in the oil sector.

There are plenty jobs in Calgary. All that it takes to secure one is having the right skills, experience and the right support documents. Networking is also critical in job hunting in the city, just like is the case elsewhere in the globe.

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