Best Mountain Bike Under 500 | MeraxFiniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Among the bikes out there, each one has its own special purpose and is specifically designed for that purpose. Road racers have thin wheels, low handlebars, and a lightweight frame without any accessories in order to achieve top speeds. Mountain bikes are completely different. They have thick, rugged wheels meant to get good traction on dirt and mud trails. They have suspension systems that can absorb more bumps and hard landings, and they have tough frames that can handle a lot of weight and force placed on them.

Mountain bikes can be expensive, but a good bike is not necessarily an expensive one. Many great bikes can be found for less than 500 dollars, some even less than 300 dollars. One such bike is the MeraxFiniss Aluminum 21 speed is one of the best mountain bike under $500. This bike has a variety of features that are great for beginner and intermediate riders alike.

All-Aluminum Frame

The frame of the MeraxFiniss is completely made of aluminum, and this makes it not only strong but also very light for a mountain bike. Weighing only around 30 pounds, this mountain bike is easy to take onto the trail and is durable enough to handle everything the trail throws at it. Also because it’s so light, it’s easy to do some tricks with this bike which is always nice. Of course, there are lighter mountain bikes out there, but the materials used for them usually mean that they are much more expensive.

80 mm Suspension Travel

A mountain bike’s suspension travel defines how well it absorbs bumps and falls you take on your bike. The more travel a suspension system has, the smoother the ride you’ll experience. However, it should be noted that a very high travel will give you a very smooth and forgiving ride, but it also tends to bob during uphill climbs. Because of this, the bike will lose momentum, and you have to put more effort into your climbs. With 80mm travel, the MeraxFiniss is a good compromise between the two.

Disc Brakes

Mountain bikes have two types of brakes: disc brakes and rim brakes. Disc brakes feature pads that grip onto the bike’s rotor that’s mounted on the wheel hub. Rim brakes, meanwhile, have pads that grip the edge of the rim. The MeraxFiniss has disc brakes which are usually better than rim brakes. Disc brakes offer more consistent breaking in all weather conditions and require less finger effort to stop the bike.

Gear Shifters

The MeraxFiniss features Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shifters. Shimano shifters are known in the biking industry for their reliable shifting in all weather conditions. Shimano shifters are great beginner shifters because of their ease of use and simple construction.


Competitive price

Reliable disc brakes

Sturdy construction

80mm travel

Lightweight frame


So-so fork suspension

Disc brakes can be a bit noisy

May require maintenance


The MeraxFiniss mountain bike is great for beginners just getting into biking. It has a variety of features that ever bike needs. With a forgiving suspension travel, reliable and smooth shifters, and a lightweight heat treated aluminum frame, this mountain bike is durable enough to withstand the harshest trails. The front fork suspension is a bit soft, but otherwise, this is a great bike for the price. The best thing is that it can be bought for less than $500.

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