Best Kept Gardening Secrets and Ideas

Are you bit of a novice gardener and would love to get greener fingers? Do you want some original and unique landscaping design ideas or lawn maintenance tips to help you give your garden an enviable appearance all year round? Then keep reading, because you’ll be amazed by these little gardening gems we’ve come up with!

Add a focal point! Getting whimsical garden isn’t always easy. One such concept however is to decorate one of your outside walls, or wooden fences with watering cans! Grouped together in a sequence of repetition, they can give your garden an edgy look and you won’t have to tend to any plants or flowers inside them! They are great just hanging there on their own! It is important to note the need for a regular effective throughout cleaning of the pats and patios to keep your garden in top shape!

• Why not position an old and worn looking birdhouse in a corner of your garden, in between two deck chairs to give your lawn a cottage-type feel. You can also use an old bird feeder and perhaps plant it with hanging flowers like petunias or even hardy geraniums! Why not even use an old wire basket to hold different coloured glasses to give you outside space a real rustic ambiance.

Best Kept Gardening Secrets and Ideas

• Add a statue or two! By adding stone statues to your rockery you can really create an original focal point in your garden! Instead of just planting flowers between your stones, you can also position stone statues peeking out between shrubs or flowers. Use foliage that trails around objects to give them real-stand out effect! If statues aren’t quite your thing, then use other decorative objectives, like pedestals or architectural objects!

• Garden tools don’t have to be limited to the purpose of leaf collection, weed control or hedging and pruning. They can also be used as decorative themes in your garden and can easily be incorporated into landscaping design ideas. For example why not position your garden tools in such a way amongst your bushes to add colour and geometric shapes to your patch of green!

• Be bold and experiment! Don’t be afraid to play around with your landscaping design and gardening ideas! For example why not cover plant pots with decorative items, like glassware or a bunch of colourful ceramic balls. This will really draw attention to your foliage and can brighten up the base of a plant or tree!

• If you’ve got pathway in your garden, why not place something at the end of it as a point of intrigue. You can nestle an old chair or stool there, or even a rose bush! Highlight the beauty of your garden by placing items in impractical places, like in the middle of a flowerbed or vegetable patch! You won’t want to sit there, but trust me, it will add such character to your garden!

• Garden gates often look boring and dull and resemble every single gate on your street. If you want to stand out and be original why not get creative with your gate? Try painting it a different colour or letting your children have fun with it by decorating it themselves with water-resistant paint? If you’re really feeling adventurous you can even attach small items to it like metal or glass marbles!

• If you’re hopeless at growing flowers, but are craving some colour in your backyard, then why not opt for placing coloured glass bottles upside down along your lawn or place them in the middle of shrubs? You can also position empty bottles on plant sticks, which you can place firmly in the ground.

So there are just a few unique ideas on how to transform your garden into an artists’ paradise! You don’t have to have green fingers or an abundance of flowers and plants to enjoy a beautiful garden. Another great aspect to incorporating these ideas is that you won’t have to carry out all that garden maintenance that comes with traditional landscaping!

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