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In recent times there has been an increasing trend towards online business as people shift away from dated methods of finding information such as searching through phone books. Online based businesses have a high demand for high quality written content because of the need to keep up with website copy and articles for online blogs and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

As the modern business environment has an insatiable demand for high quality written content, the demand for writing services is steadily increasing. The majority of businesses need a website to operate, and websites require a steady stream of fresh written content in order to keep up to date with SEO to remain on page one of Google, which is vital in today’s business environment.

Not everyone is a talented writer and this is why using a professional who specialises in writing services can be a viable option. Whether you need written content to market your business or are simply applying for a job, using a professional can be a worthwhile investment and can get you the results you need.

Professional Writing Services

Good written content should be clearly structured, well researched and presented in a manner that makes it easy for the reader to get the information they are looking for. For this reason, a lot of time and effort should go into making the text as well presented as possible, using strategies such as subheadings to assist the reader to find information.

Tenders A to Z specialises in a variety of writing services to suit your needs. Our skilled writers are able to assist you with any type of written content. Our specialty areas include, tenders, grants, resumes, copy writing and management plans for safety, quality, risk and the environment. We also provide editing, proofreading and a range of services to support your professional writing needs.

No matter what industry you are in and what type of writing services you require, Tenders A to Z writing services can help. We have sourced a wide variety of writers from various industry backgrounds, allowing us to assist you with virtually any project. From writing tenders, proposals and grants to sales brochures, flyers and letters, our professional writing services will make you stand out from your competitors. We can also assist you with preparing management plans and corporate policies for safety, quality, risk and the environment.

We can also offer professional resume writing and associated services through our links with The Resume Renovator. This includes writing of selection criteria, cover letters and resumes to accompany your job application.

In order to provide you with good quality written content, we consult with you to figure out the exact requirements you have for each writing service. For tender responses, this includes identifying “win themes” or reasons why your company would be selected to deliver the contract over the other applicants. For grant funding applications this would involve defining the reasons why you should receive the funding and how you would spend it if successful in your application.

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