Benefits Of A Synthetic Grass Court

There are essentially three kinds of playing surface for tennis: grass, clay, and hardcourt. Each one has benefits and drawbacks. They also tend to have some regional differences. Clay court is incredibly popular in mainland Europe, especially France. Clay court tends to be a little bit slower on the bounce than other courts, and the footing is a little less certain. That makes clay court games a little bit slower and more tactical. Hardcourt is one of the fastest kinds of court and the footing is incredibly sure, but that also means that it’s harder to get to the game. Hardcourt games tend to be much faster. Grass court is a happy medium. It’s very popular in England, but it’s not quite as common in Australia. It’s also one of the most difficult to maintain. That’s why synthetic grass courts have grown so popular.

Synthetic Courts

Grass courts obviously have to be grown in the ground. They have to be watered, mowed, and maintained just like a lawn. However, they’re very particular; you have to water them and maintain them in a very specific way to make sure that they are acceptable as courts. Also, since there is dirt underneath them, you have to constantly make sure that you are not creating any divots or ditches in the grass. All those things make maintaining a grass court a difficult and time-consuming endeavour. A synthetic grass court is your best option for tennis court construction in Brisbane.

Synthetic grass courts are made similarly to synthetic grass on football pitches. They do not require very much maintenance, which actually should save you some money.

Money-Saving Methods

If you’re installing a tennis court in your yard or if you’re trying to restore a park, you have to think about how to do it most efficiently as well as affordably. Grass might seem like a cheap option, but when you consider all the maintenance required, it’s very expensive. You would probably have to spend a lot of your time working on it, or hire someone to work on it for you. You would also possibly need to re-seed it every season. It’s a very expensive undertaking. With a synthetic grass court, you can install it and maintain it with very little effort.

Buy It from a Reputable Retailer

You need to make sure you buy your synthetic court from a reliable retailer. There are a lot of companies that will just sell you some cheap turf and claim it’s a tennis court. You need to make sure you are buying from an organisation that specialises in constructing tennis courts. That means it’ll be providing just about everything you need to create a successful tennis court. It’ll perform the construction as well as the installation. All you have to do is hire the professionals who know what to do. Then, in a few days, you’ll just need to provide the tennis players to christen your new court. A synthetic court could be exactly what you need.

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