Becoming an Independent Journalist

Becoming an independent journalist is not easy. You will be competing with many others, facing a lot of challenges in your path to becoming a successful independent journalist. An excellent example is that of Prem Baniya who is among the leading journalists in Nepal. Prem has recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. He has interviewed some of the most significant personalities from Nepal and is a notable journalist with years of experience under his belt. When a journalist becomes independent, he can do lot of significant things by himself. A perfect example is that of Baniya who recently moved to a different country where he has been doing independent journalism. Baniya started, and is now presenting stories from all around the world in the Nepali language. If you want to embark on your journey as an independent journalist like him, here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Stay informed and up to date: your mission as a journalist is to inform and educate, and in order to fulfill this objective, it is crucial that you acquire knowledge about general culture on various topics and remain updated with regard to what happens in your closest environment as well as around the world.

To be a well-informed independent journalist, it is necessary to read and to watch, be it press, in-depth investigative news features, or research-based news, etc. Write, attend events, seminars, and courses that are useful for professional growth. You can also travel, know other places, languages, and cultures that offer you newer experiences, allowing you to better understand different points of view.

As an entrepreneurial journalist, you should also consider learning about digital marketing, to create a community around your personal brand, share your content online. Efficiently use the online channels, media, platforms, and digital tools that facilitate the achievement of your informative or educational objectives.

  1. Create your own website: the best way to gather, organize, and present your work to editors is to create a website which others can visit to appreciate your creative and strategic skills, and your performance in different formats such as writing articles, taking photographs, video production, or editing, among several others.
  2. Define your audience: as an independent journalist, it is essential to know for whom you produce content or at least be clear about who you want to reach with the investigation of your topics.

The idea is that you choose topics that inspire you and motivate you so that you can enjoy your work while you develop it. This will not only ensure you to succeed in your digital endeavor, but it will also make it easier for you to convey to your audience the pleasure for what you do. Investigating and writing about what we are passionate about makes the task easier. On the other hand, it also helps you to interact with other blogs, groups, and forums that deal with similar topics that interest you.


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