Beat The Heat In Kolkata At The Best Ice Cream Parlors

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Hardly a dozen of people on the Earth that too, we doubt! The love for ice cream sees no age. Whether you are six or sixty, if you want an ice cream, there is no alternative to that. Especially in summer, when the heat is at its peak, and our energies are at an all-time low, the word “Ice Cream” is enough to invigorate our senses thoroughly. Don’t you agree? Now, if you happen to be in Kolkata and are literally dying of the humidity and heat, then we’d suggest some cooling zones for you. Yes, the ice cream parlors which you can rely on blindly when the heat gets intolerable and your taste buds ask for something divine!

As soon as you get down of one of those Bangalore to Kolkata flights, simply head out to one of the following ice cream havens in the city, to kill the heat, and tantalize your taste buds momentarily. We can’t wait!

  1. Scoop

One of Kolkata’s oldest ice cream parlors, Scoop is out and out a point of interest for Kolkata. Every little thing about this spot is welcoming, be it the enhancement, feeling or the kindness of the staff. The sundaes here are one of the best in the city. Costs are likewise reasonable and are one of Kolkata’s most loved spots to hang out in. This is one incredible ice cream parlor which must be attempted by the whole gang.

  1. Forever Yogurt

It’s a little outlet, yet one of the first to acquaint solidified yogurt with Kolkata. It permits you to first taste tests of the considerable number of flavors before you settle on which one you need to attempt. You additionally get the chance to make your own particular sundae by including whatever garnishes you need! It is an alternate ordeal for pastries by and large and every single sweet significant other must give this place a shot.

  1. The Cream and Fudge Factory

The Cream and Fudge Factory offers a wide assortment of delicious and incredible to take a gander at frozen yogurts and sweets. In spite of the fact that the costs are a little on the higher side, the nature of the frozen yogurts and the mood more than compensate for it. The frozen yogurt parlor is spread over a vast range and has a decent seating game plan with a gigantic menu. Particularly prominent are the ferrerorocher frozen yogurt sundaes.

  1. Mama Mia

Without a doubt, the best around the local area, Mama Mia is amazingly famous. Renowned flavors incorporate their Belgian Dark Chocolate and Choco Chips Royale. This spot additionally has sugar free and fat free alternatives for the wellbeing cognizant and is open late into the night. They likewise keep a grouping of cakes, cakes, mousse and cupcakes.

 India’s Hobby Centre

One of the principal frozen yogurt parlors in Kolkata whose most notorious dessert is the basic tootifrooti which is still to a great degree well known here. This is one of only a handful few spots to which individuals from all eras can identify with. It is a curious little place with an old world appeal about it. The sundaes are moderate and delightful. The conduct of the staff has dependably been warm the administration is speedy. This is one frozen yogurt parlor which can never develop old.

So while the whole Kolkata oozes and grills in heat, you are one smart chap, for you now know the appropriate hives which could sooth and cool you down. What are you waiting for?

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