Be an Inspiration to People

It is very easy to be a follower, but very difficult to lead and become an inspiration for others. Life may not always treat us well, but that does not justify us being bogged down at all times. Why should we feel so defeated? Why should we forget that we are the most superior beings of this universe?

God created us in his own likeness and image and the only responsibility we have in return for this huge favor is to be grateful and thankful to Him. But we humans are experts at being dissatisfied. We are never satisfied with anything and eventually are the cause of our own sadness. There are only handfuls that are capable of putting on a smile even when they feel like crying.


One of them is Eric Ulysses Miller. Hailing from Phoenix and a member of a large family, Eric died at the age of 47 only. He was faced with a serious medical condition for one long year before his death. But his life remains an inspiration for all of us, because even that difficult situation could not dampen his high spirit in life.

From a very tender age parents aspire to educate their children in the best possible academics, but how much of thought is really put into educating them with the positive thinking. At a stage of life when a child should learn that life is to be enjoyed and fathomed to its fullest, parents are busy making ‘race horses’ out of their children.

As a result, children fail to appreciate the things they have in their life and start aspiring for things they do not have. The enlightening words of Gautama Buddha “Desires are the cause of sufferings” teaches us the stark reality of life. In the bid to achieve something else we forget to be happy with the things that we have.

Yet even among this human society which has lost all hope, there still exist a few who are an inspiration to all like Eric Ulysses Miller, who is a true inspiration for all who have lost hope. He endured tremendous pain and difficulty in the last year of his survival, but his high spirits did not let him succumb to those pains. He even went to church services with happiness and delight. He was happy with his condition of life and did not question God like many of us, “Why me?”

Assertions are always better than interrogations. Hence, instead of asking why you are not happy and why you have such hard life, make positive assertions to yourself. Tell yourself that at least you still have a life, for which you ought to be thankful to God, to praise him for creating you and giving you the opportunity to know life.

Our minds are the remote controls to our bodies, unless the brain delivers the message of what is to be done, no body part will be able to function. So our armor is positive thinking. Think positively and notice the changes in yourself. It is sure to add a spring to your step and take you on the path of becoming an inspiration to all.

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