Bacteria Can Persist On The MMA Gloves – Kill Them With 5 Proven Tips

If you have just started to train in MMA, then you will know that the gloves are one of the most critical components of a fighter. Get good fitting gloves, and you will be able to fight your opponent comfortably. But if you are uncomfortable with the gloves, then you might end up on the losing side. Making sure that you are comfortable wearing the gloves is not just about buying the right fit, but also about ensuring that they are maintained well. And below, we look at five tips that can help you keep your MMA gloves in good condition.

Wash Hands

Remember to wash your hands before you put on the gloves.  No matter how clean you hand looks to the naked eye, it will always contain a certain amount of germs on them. And when you place your hands inside the gloves, these germs will get into them, eventually making the gloves smelly and infected. Ideally, use a hand cleaner to wash your hands. This will ensure that almost all germs are killed off before the gloves are put on.

Never Bag It after Use

Many MMA enthusiasts, especially those who are just beginning, make the mistake of putting the gloves in their bag right after use. Remember that you have just trained in those gloves for many hours. As such, it will already be sweaty. And if you lock up such sweaty gloves in a bag, then it is inevitable that the insides of the gloves will become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, as far as possible, avoid this habit.

Use Hand Wraps

It is also a good habit to wear a hand wrap when wearing gloves. Doing so will ensure that any moisture generated on the hands is absorbed by the wraps rather than the gloves. This essentially helps you minimize the possibility of germs spreading inside the gloves. Plus, you can also keep the gloves from being smelly this method.

Use Cedar Chips

If the gloves get too smelly, then you can use cedar chips to deal with it. Take a sock, put a few cedar chips in them, and put the sock in the gloves. Wait for about day before taking out the sock. The smell inside from the gloves should have subsided by now.

Killing Bacteria

There is no foolproof way to avoid bacteria in your gloves. But you can take some measures to ensure that these microbes are killed off and minimized as much as possible. And one good way to do this will be to wrap the gloves in an airtight plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight. This should be sufficient to kill off the bacteria. The next morning, you can take out the gloves, and keep it in sunlight for a day or two before you start using it again.

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