Award Winning Car Repair In Victoria BC

For over 50 years, Victoria Transmission and Auto Care has offered Victoria car repair. Residents have come to expect award winning service and friendly staff that fully explain your cars issues before doing any of the work.

Just last year they were awarded the Better Business Bureau award for most ethical auto repair shop in Victoria. The awards don’t stop there however. They have been nominated for a few others including automotive business of the year in 2011 for all of Vancouver Island.

Many people however think that they only offer transmission repair. With the name Victoria Transmission and Auto Care it’s easy to understand why. But they offer a full range of car repair services. Everything from brakes, to tires and engine repairs are all services they provide.

Award Winning Car Repair In Victoria BC

Not only do they provide all these services, but they do so while caring for the environment. In 2010 owner Adam Sullivan wanted to push the envelope on an industry that is not very eco friendly. So he went through every area of the shop to see if he could make sure they were leaving as little of an impact on the environment as they could. Not one drop of fluid goes down a drain. They recycle their fluids instead. They also provide green oil for those needing oil changes.

They also care for the community and try to support great causes. During breast cancer awareness month they raise money in the office. Last year they created the Teen Auto Education day. This was a day where teens could learn more about vehicle safety. Everything from learning how a vehicle works and the dangers of drinking and driving were taught. They felt they could do something to make the roads of Victoria safer.

Along with Teen Auto Education Day they also do the same for females. They educate them on their vehicles so that they have more knowledge and less fear when taking their car into an auto shop. These nights have been a huge success as they are filled up every year.

On other amazing service they offer is a pick up and drop off. So if your car needs repairs, they’ll drop you off after your car has been dropped off at their shop. They’ll also drop your car off at your home. This is for residents who live within a 10 kilometer radius of the shop.

Off all these things are what makes Victoria Transmission and Auto Care not only the number one Victoria transmission repair shop but also the number one auto repair shop in Victoria.

Contact them below:

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

1885 Government St

Victoria, BC


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