An Overview Of Iran Visa

Iran is a beautiful country with a diverse culture. Every year tens of thousands of visitors from across the globe come to this country for different purposes. A fraction of them visit the country for tourism while the majority of the Muslim tourists get there to pay a visit to different holy shrines. There are almost 19 historical sites in Iran that are listed within the UNESCO World Heritage List. Regardless of the fact why you are trying to get into Iran, you need to learn all about how to get Iran visa in a convenient and smooth manner. The best course of action in this regard is to establish contact with 1stQuest, a high end company that offers thorough follow up on your visa processing, arrival and stay at Iran. This option is highly recommended as they would make things much easier for you. A few details on how you may acquire an Iranian visa are discussed in the paragraphs below for your convenience and understanding.

Anyone who is willing to visit Iran is supposed to get a visa from an Iranian diplomatic facility, unless they are citizens of a country that stands eligible for the privilege of visa on arrival. The prime requirement for the visitors in this regard is that they must own a valid passport which has been valid for a time span of 6 months at the very least. The Iranian government refuses women who are not covering their head properly to enter their country. So it is mandatory for females to cover their head using a scarf or something similar in order to get into the Iranian soil. Citizens of Israel are completely banned from entering Iran.

An Overview Of Iran Visa

The government of Iran has been planning on the issuance of electronic visas to all the tourists and visitors by the end of the year 2016. Moreover, the authorities have also been seeing through a visa waiver program. Under this program, the visa limitations and terms of entry for the citizens of 60 countries would be eased or completely lifted. The Iranian government is taking this initiative in order to open their gates for more tourists from across the globe. In addition to this, according to one of the government’s spokesmen, Iran has also been considering to sign a petition of freedom of movement with the state of Iraq.

There are 9 countries that the government of Iran has allowed to visit their country any time they want to. These include Armenia, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Syria, Bolivia, turkey, Georgia, Venezuela and Malaysia. The citizens of these countries are entitled to get into Iranian land without the requirement of a visa. Different countries’ citizens are entitled to staying in Iran free of any visa for different amounts of time. In addition to this, Kish Island is a place in Iraq where any one of the visitors may stay for a time period of 14 days or less without the requirement of getting any visa. In case you are interested in knowing more about how to get Iran visa, you may ask 1stQuest all about it.

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