Alternative Career Options With Business Qualifications

A degree in business opens up many career possibilities. Business skills, quite simply, are in demand. Business qualifications teach many valuable job skills that can be applied to a variety of different areas in work and life. Logical thinking skills mean that employers know that you have the skills needed to quickly think through a situation and come up with an insightful solution. Almost every industry has a demand for managers; and there is no question that management skills are a key part of what is learned while taking a business degree. Here are a few tips for alternative career options with business qualifications.

Marketing a Product or Service you Feel Connected to

All companies know that good marketing is crucial to business success, regardless of how great their business idea or product is. If you have a passion, then perhaps you could market it. Some of the best marketing professionals are those that actually have a true passion for the products they are promoting. Maybe you love motor sports? Marketing for an automobile company, or those specializing in auto accessories, may be just the job for you. If you love fine dining or wine, then you might find work as a restaurant promoter or hospitality manager! If you have a passion for the environment, or another cause, you might find work as a marketing director or human resource manager at a non-profit such as the Sierra Club.

Alternative Career Options With Business Qualifications

Political Leaders Often have Business Backgrounds

Politics requires leaders to have fantastic written and oral communications skills so that they can interact well with their constituents. Time management and logical thinking are also important parts of the job, so it is no surprise that many business professionals find themselves in political roles. Najib Mikati is the former prime minister of Lebanon; in Mr. Mikati’s overview, one can see that before entering the political arena, he earned a degree in business administration. A business background can put an individual in a position where they are qualified for both small and large political positions.

Entertainment and Hospitality Industry: A Growing Demand

With many economies now emerging from the worldwide recession, there is a growing demand for luxuries, including restaurants and music. Managers, owners, and performance artists are all needed. If you have a business degree and you love fine food, you might aspire to manage a Michelin star rated restaurant or even open your own fine dining establishment. Many actors also have a business background; these include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cate Blanchett, and Kevin Costner. The famous singer Lionel Ritchie also had a business background.


As business skills are used in so many professions, you might easily find yourself exploring your own unique path. Good communication skills and the ability to approach an opportunity with a great deal of thought can help you to achieve a high level of success. If you are passionate about something, then try to think of a way you can channel this passion into a unique and satisfying career. When you enjoy what you are doing, it will not seem like work at all.

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