All You Wanted To Know About Hoverboards

The holiday season is on its way and the most favorite gifts of celebrities, sports person which is banned by some of the countries because it catches fire at any moment of time is hoverboard. We all know that hoverboards are very popular now days and here is a guide that you all wanted to know about  hoverboards.

What Hoverboards are?

Frankly speaking hoverboards are the devices that don’t hover, instead they are provided with Wheels that will make your feel as if you are hovering. Hoverboards are basically a motorized vehicle that will drive you a certain distance and have wheels like skateboards. But here you don’t have to use your legs in order to drive. Hoverboards are like segway but the only difference is that these doesn’t have poles or any kind of handle for support.

How Hoverboard Works?

Hoverboards have electronic motor that powers it. it has a rechargeable battery that works as fuel. You just have to stand over this and put your weight forward and it will start moving. Without any problem and if you want to turn just put on your weight in that leg. For example if you want to turn right then you just have to give weight to your right leg and if you want to turn it left then you just have to give weight to your left and in order to stop just push it back with your leg and it will stop for you.

2015 was the year of hoverboards. In January IO Hawk branded hoverboard has been launched in Las Vegas. After this there were companies who started making hoverboards. Many have started rebranding the Chinese products. There were many people who have used this hoverboards. Many celebrities have gifted this new device to their dear ones and many sports person are already using this as their daily commute in their house or playfield.

You can see these hoverboards to be used in the rock shows or in stage drama where the singers or performers use these to move around the stage.

The working theme of these hoverboards are good as they can help many handicapped people in order to move from one place to another but on the other hand these type of inventions are making people lazy.

If you have a question like where to buy a hoverboard then you don’t have to worry as many websites are selling these.


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