All You Need To Know About The Bladez Stratum Cycle

Is it no secret that the stationary cycle is one of the most popular home gym equipment you could ever find on the market? It is convenient and it doesn’t require you to go out to the gym to get a workout which is exactly why there are so many of them in the market but the one that stands out is definitely this product, the Bladez Stratum Cycle.

Impressions and Review

Carrying a price tag of $500, you’d want the Bladez Stratum Cycle to be able to do everything that it’s supposed to do and perhaps a little more. Depending on the person’s demand for activity, this product could be a great fit but it really isn’t for everyone. This stationary bike demands a certain level of handling whereby the person who is on it will only get the best value for their money if they constantly exercise on it and use most, if not all of its functions.

It is great for enthusiasts whom are just starting out but seeing as how this is a mid-range to upper-mid range product, it also becomes the perfect product that will take anyone to the next level of performance.

Some of its pros include the fact that it is a true spinning bike. You are buying more than just your ordinary cycle machine here, you are not only able to exercise as much as you want on it but you will also be guaranteed of its quality as it is very sturdy. This leads us to its next benefit, it is strong enough to withstand a substantial amount of punishment and it can hold a person with a weight of up to a whopping 275 pounds without fear of the machine tipping over.

You also get full feedback on your exercise routines as the LED system will show you exactly how fast you’re going, the distance you’ve travelled and the amount of calories you’ve burned. With all of the information shown clearly on your screen, it really takes the hassle out of having to guess how efficiently you’re working. This leaves you with more room to focus on the task at hand and that is to complete your routine.

If you haven’t already noticed, the Bladez Stratum Cycle also helps you save time from having to get into your car and driving down to the gym and then getting on a stationary bike there. Furthermore some gyms are even charging exorbitant prices, often costing an arm and a leg for people to get in. With this product, it more than pays for itself a thousand times over.

Final Thoughts

While the Bladez Stratum Cycle is certainly not the cheapest product in the market, it is definitely worth considering especially for those who prefer their stationary bikes to last a long time.

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