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If you are tired of trying to do a variety of things to generate profits yet you are still not satisfied of the result, you may want to take a look into this link here: http://promoneyinfo.com/offline-money/how-to-make-money-from-phone-calls.html. Basically, you can use a phone to make money—using a special number that will pay you a great sum of money in return. By now, you might be wondering about how to obtain such a number and there is a secret about it that you probably don’t know yet. Essentially, all mobile operators in every country have this kind of system of paid number. The name might be different from one country to another but the point remains the same. Once you activate this paid number, you can advertise it but make sure that you include information about the number being a paid one and that the caller would be charged higher than usual. This is done to prevent future conflicts from happening. When you get the call, you pick it up and it works just like a taximeter; the longer the phone call takes place, the larger the bill. This feature would be much more beneficial if you can provide a client who calls you with things they need so much that they call you. Examples of such services can be entertaining nature (fortunetelling, horoscopes, personal advice) or purpose-based (reference information, consultations, taking orders, etc.)

One of the most advantageous consequences of this opportunity comes from cold calls. When you activate a paid number, you will get calls from parties you don’t even know. They would offer you things you don’t even need or want. Typically, you would go on and tell them you are not interested in whatever they are offering, hang up the phone, and move on. But when you have the paid number, it is important to keep the conversation on because, as you’ve guessed, the longer you hold the conversation, the bigger the billing.

Making money from phone calls is beneficial in many ways. You can use either a mobile phone or a fixed phone. A number of alternatives to conventional phone calls are also supported such as via VoIP or Skype and it works for numbers from any countries in the world. It is also possible for you not to provide any service for the caller. And the caller will never be able to take this matter to the court as they do not look for a service and do not pay for the service in question. When the caller wishes to get money back, they won’t be able to do so as the money you make from the call is not generated from any activity. You can also set any number of phone numbers to an answering machine or any other means to accept a phone call automatically. There practically is no limit to how you use the number to your heart’s content. Above all, making money from phone calls is something possible to do. It is just the matter of how strong your effort is to do so.

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