A Novel Way To End Your Tour Of London

A day tour of London can be exhausting, what better way to relax and unwind than by having a posh meal and enjoying the entertainment on offer at a lap dancing club. The top ten Lap dancing clubs or Gentlemen’s clubs as they are euphemistically known; boast some of the best dining experiences in London’s entertainment district.


It is hardly a sleazy dive as frequently shown in the movies, the lap dancing clubs London are best described using words such as, opulent, luxurious, decadent and indulgent, and that is just the décor! You can just imagine what the dancers look like. One such club in Soho, known as Vanity, is famous for its sophisticated and beautiful performers.

Gentlemen’s clubs, if you look beyond the luxurious surroundings are basically just higher class strip and lap dancing clubs.  Yes, there is the subdued lighting, the leather couches, the general impression of opulence and all the rest of it, but the stages and the performers are there for you to enjoy.

You can enjoy a unique dining experience or enjoy a lap dance or two in a private area or room.  A lot of gentlemen’s clubs have table top dancer’s that are totally nude; now that is a unique dining experience for you.

The girls are from many different nationalities and are stunningly good looking.  Of course, all this is not cheap but you are after all paying for an experience that is way above the norm.

Busy London.

A Novel Way To End Your Tour Of London

London truly is a busy city; it is on the go twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With this in mind be sure and choose the perfect tour of London to suit your style. The constant rushing about does not have to dictate the type of tour you embark on. It is also an excellent idea to plan the tour so that it allows for time to stop and take in a quick meal and show at one of the many lap dancing clubs London has to offer. A visit to Madame Tussauds in the morning followed by lunch at a saucy gentlemen’s venue during which you can sit back and enjoy a classy pole dance routine and then continue on with a visit to the Tate Gallery or the London Dungeon sounds like an original and anything but boring tour.

Not just Stag Parties.

Traditionally a strip club is associated with stag nights, however, the lap dancing clubs of today although they all cater for private stag parties, are there for the enjoyment of all. Gone are the days where you never saw a woman enjoying the show, many couples enjoy a night on the town and taking in a show at a lap dancing club, women are especially inclined towards watching a good pole dance routine.

Next time you are in London why not surprise your partner and take him or her for an evening of  fabulous food and sultry dance, the likes of which you can only imagine, an evening in a lap dance club in London truly has to be experienced to be believed. Why not indulge yourself?

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