A Checklist for Sourcing Office Services

Renting office space has become a big industry, with forward thinking developers who provide small businesses with affordable and stylish office space in selected areas of the city. Office management requires a high level of planning and an essential list of service industries would have to be in place to service a multi-client business centre. Here are just a few of the essential services the management would have to provide in a typical modern office environment.

  • State of the Art Amenities – It goes without saying that each office would have a dedicated broadband Internet connection, along with the required number of phone and fax lines, and there would also be a receptionist service, which acts like a hub and all incoming calls are diverted to the relevant client company. Aside from the actual office space, there would be additional facilities, such as a conference room, equipped with projector and screen, along with all the other gadgets and devices one would associate with modern business settings.
  • Cleaning Services – Serviced offices would be cleaned on a daily basis, and there would be at least one person on call to clear up spills or other emergencies, and the general cleaning would be outsourced to a commercial cleaning contractor. If your business is based in the UK and you require any type of commercial cleaning, talk to Shirley Shelley who cover the East Anglia region of the country. They would be able to carry out the daily cleaning on an ongoing contract basis, which would cover whatever the customer wished to include.
  • Round the Clock Security Services – It is essential to have round the clock security, and for an office environment, it should include a manned presence, who would either remain on-site, or visit at random during the night. Video surveillance would be another must have, and with the security guard monitoring the cameras, you can be sure that your office will not be the victim of a burglary.
  • Adequate Parking – With several offices in one location, it is vital to have ample parking space, and with reserved spaces for each company, you can always be sure to accommodate a visitor or two. The management would ideally be very flexible, allowing you to use their resources whenever you require, although there would likely be a small charge.
  • The Right Location – Location is always critical to a business, and if you would like to be in a select area of the city, for example, there would be office facilities to rent, as these urban locations are much sought after. There are agents who can help you to source office space, and it doesn’t pay to rush into anything, at least not until you have weighed up the pros and cons.

More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of modern office rentals, and with all the resources you could possibly need in a single complex, you have an affordable office that ticks all the boxes.

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