9 Reasons to Move to Oakland Right Now

When people consider moving, there are a million questions in their minds and a dozen things that can sway where they end up or what will make a space feel like home.  Whether you’re new to California or you’re simply looking for a change, Oakland may feel like an interesting choice: and you should seriously consider it!

These are the top nine reasons anyone should consider moving to Oakland and what makes this city such a dream come true.

1- Affordable in California

Although this is considered expensive on a national scale, in California, Oakland is one of the most affordable cities, especially for how close to The Bay it is.  Here you can rent affordably, buy food at a better price, and create a life for yourself without having to save every last cent.

2- Culture Thrives Here

Culture is one of the most important things to many people.  They want an area that feels unique and that they don’t have to explain when someone asks where they live.  Oakland is home to multiple huge sports teams, has a massive music scene, and is big in the entertainment industry.  Here you know the personality of your city and can watch as it starts to feel like home.

3- Short Drive to Airport and Bay Area

A great part of living in Oakland is you still get to explore the world despite living in such a great area.  Close to the airport and just a short drive from any other Bay Area city, you can get the most out of your location.

4- Awesome Weather Year-Round

Weather is a huge selling point for many, and Oakland does a fantastic job at delivering awesome temperatures year-round.  Here the temperatures sit between 50 to 90 degrees depending on the season and are sunny year-round.

5- Stress-Free Driving and Parking

Nothing’s as stressful as the traffic in areas like Los Angeles and San Diego.  Luckily, the traffic in Oakland is mostly calm!  This takes a lot of pressure off of drivers.

6- Awesome Diversity Throughout

One of the parts of looking at Oakland houses for sale is you know you’ll find a community that makes sense for you!  Oakland is home to flourishing communities of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as having a large LGBTQ+ presence that makes everyone feel more welcomed.  You don’t have to worry about standing out as someone who doesn’t belong if you move here.

7- Great Parks and Trails

Getting out and enjoying nature is a must.  Oakland offers countless trails, parks, and attractions that let you get outside and explore the natural world.

8- $15 Minimum Wage

Over double the national minimum wage, Oakland steps up!  This is great for everyone.

9- Work and Life Balance

Work and life balance is one of the best things to look for wherever you move.  Nobody wants to struggle to find work or allow their job to absorb their entire life, so it’s a good idea to stop and pick a city that gives you the best of both worlds.  Oakland has tons of fun and entertainment throughout it, and it’s also home to multiple Fortune 500 companies!  This is a great place to find balance.

Oakland Stuns Everyone

Oakland will leave you speechless!  When you’re ready to move and can’t pick where to let this city sway you!

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