7 Steps to Building an Incredible TV Room

When it comes to designing your home, part of the fun is in creating personalized rooms for your family to enjoy. Whether it is a sports den or a home theater, an entertainment space is a great place to hang out and have fun. Here are some fantastic tips for creating an incredible TV room.

1. Decide Your Style

Step one is deciding what style you want to bring into your room. Part of the fun of designing an entertainment center is that you get to distinguish it from the other rooms in your home. For the sports fan, perhaps you’ll want to transform the den into a game cave with paraphernalia from favorite teams. Movie lovers might want to build an opulent home theater with plush seats.

Sometimes the entertainment room will be combined with a general living space. In this instance, homeowners will probably want to plan a design that fits with the layout of your décor.

7 Steps to Building an Incredible TV Room

2. Budget and Style  

An important part of planning the design involves setting an appropriate budget. This will help you determine what to spend on like:

•New electronics

•Sofa or other seating

•Lighting and window treatments


Depending on budget, you might be doing anything from installing a new TV cabinet to remodeling your house to add on an entirely new entertainment room.

3. Room Size

As part of the designing process, you will want to consider your room size along with budget and design features. Getting the proper measurements of your room will help to pick out furniture and shelving with the proper dimensions. There is a fine balance between providing sufficient seating and leaving the feel of the room open and not too crammed.

4. Finding the Right Channels

While planning the set up, you should also research the perfect television provider to complete the new room. While many people opt for traditional cable providers, there are lots of other services like http://www.saveontvdirect.com that provide the right channels within your budget.

5. Wires

Part of creating a sleek look is hiding pesky wires and cables. Establish a good wiring system to help avoid accidents and keep all of the technology working properly. Simple organizing will help stash wires safely behind cabinets and out of sight.

6. Storage

And while we’re on the subject of organization, storage is an important component of a TV room. From storing DVDs to housing games, magazines and books, cabinets and coffee tables offer great places to store stuff. An entertainment room is really a prime place to hang out. So storage and organization are keys to providing plenty of cozy space.

7. Window Treatments

Finally, controlling light is a big concern unless your room will be in a basement below ground. Watching TV during daylight hours can result in a harsh glare across the screen. And if you are using a projector screen, the colors will dim and become difficult to see. Fortunately, there are virtually endless options when it comes to window treatments. From DIY projects to purchasing professional blinds, you can find the perfect style to match your room and enhance the viewing experience.

With these tips, you can design an amazing space to kick back and enjoy your favorite films, games and shows.

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