7 Popular Types Of Motorhomes You Can Choose From

Planning to import a motorhome? You might have come to know that there are different types of them, each with its own pros and cons.

You have to compare your requirements with the features of each type of motorhome and later you can arrange for professional importing motorhomes into Australia with Dazmac.

Here are some major types of motorhomes.

1. Class A Gas Motorhome

This is a popular type among long-term or full-time RVers. This type of motorhome offers most of the comforts you can get in your home.

The comforts include side-outs for additional space, full-sized furniture, and even a residential fridge and washer and dryer.

This type of RV looks like a bus, with its front vertical windshield with large windows.

2. Class A Diesel Motorhome

This type of motorhome features a large diesel engine on its rear side which offers additional power to the motorhome as compared to the gas-powered RV.

The engine positioned on the rear side makes this type of motorhome quiet and smooth too. The motorhome is essentially pushed down the road by the diesel engine.

So, these motorhomes are apt for cross-country trips and other long trips. Diesel engines are more durable than gas engines. Diesel RVs are considered as an ultimate in luxury RVing.

3. Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes are generally built on a truck chassis and are connected to the cab portion. Some makers of Class C engines are Mercedes, Ford, and Chevy.

With their unique ‘cab-over’ profile, Class C motorhomes can be easily identified. Several of them have the same amenities as their class A cousins, but just on a smaller chassis.

This type of RV is right for all kinds of families and singles, and for remote camping and exploring.

4. Camper Trailer

Also known as tent trailers, pop-ups or fold downs, camper trailers are versatile RV and appropriate for a young family needing to experience the towable RV market.

Usually an RVer purchase a camper trailer first. It’s light and so, towable by almost any type of vehicle. It also comes in a range of lengths and often features a fridge, air conditioner, hot water, and even bathroom.

5. Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are often known as campers. They are built to be towed by a frame hitch or bumper hitch. Their design is made suitable for all types of RVers.

This trailer features multiple styles and floor plans to suit every need. It is popular among those who like to have a vehicle to move around at their destination and a complete home unit at the same time.

6. Fifth Wheel

This is the biggest type of towable motorhome. It’s pulled by a large pickup truck with a special fifth wheel hitch.

A fifth wheel offers large living spaces and is simple to tow due to its size.

7. Truck Camper

Truck campers are quite versatile and are able to go anywhere your pickup truck can go. Actually, they attach just to the back of a truck, over the truck bed.

Truck campers were introduced in the early 50s and since they are much improved and today provide much larger and expansive interiors.

Hopefully, you will find just the right type of motorhome among these and you can enjoy camping. If you want to import a boat, American boat imports with Dazmac Logistics is a good choice.

Making the right choice will let you enjoy your holidays with the right type of vehicle.


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