6 Wonderful Ways To Make Your Proposal Memorable

Proposing or being proposed to are up there with the most important moments in a person’s life, so spending time getting it right is important. Now, this doesn’t have to mean you spend ridiculous amounts of money planning a huge lavish engagement, however taking time to consider what your partner would like and how you want the moment to be is important. 

No matter where or when you decide to propose, keeping your partner’s thoughts and feelings at the top of your priority list will help you to make it just perfect. Here are 6 wonderful ways to make your proposal memorable so that the rest of your life together has the best possible start! 

Choose A Sentimental Location

The first step in planning your proposal should be the location. Think about whether you have a sentimental location as a couple and that would be a great place to start. This could be a park where you had your first date, your favourite holiday location, the spot where you shared your first kiss or simply somewhere your partner has always wanted to visit. 

The location doesn’t necessarily have to be significant, as long as your reasoning behind it is. Perhaps your partner absolutely loves being outdoors, so you choose to go on a hike and propose as the sun goes down. If your partner is a real foodie, you could go to a great restaurant and get the staff involved with the proposal.

There are so many different directions to go in that will depend on you and your partner’s interests and passions, so simply take some time to think about what would be super special for the two of you. 

Hire A Hidden Photographer

Many people prefer to have a small and intimate proposal with just the two of them, however others want the moment to be captured on camera. If you were wanting a remote and private proposal, but wanted to have photographic memories of the moment forever, you can hire a hidden photographer. 

This is the ideal way to make sure you have memories without the proposal being disturbed. You will organise with the photographer where and when you are going to be proposing, they will get set up in a hidden spot and will then take wonderful and authentic photos of the moment. These will be fantastic memories you can treasure forever. If you wanted to the photographer could then take a few non-surprise photos afterwards! 

Involve Friends and Family

If your partner is a huge family person, you could consider having their family and friends involved in the proposal. The celebrations can begin in a big way after the proposal, however this isn’t right for everyone, so seriously consider whether or not it is something your partner would want. 

The best thing to do is to propose with just the two of you and then have family and friends waiting nearby, so you can have the intimate proposal with just the two of you and then the celebrations can begin soon after. You will have your special moment as a couple, as well as being able to share the aftermath with your loved ones. One piece of advice is to make sure the family and friends don’t come in too soon, as you will want time to process what has happened and enjoy it privately. 

Choose A Unique Engagement Ring

Another way to make your proposal exceptionally special is to choose a unique engagement ring. Whilst modern engagement rings are the right fit for many people, you should consider opting for a vintage engagement ring. 

Firstly, they are absolutely beautiful. They are handcrafted to perfection and have a depth of history behind them that is simply very difficult to find in modern equivalents. Additionally, vintage engagement rings are much better for the environment, as the jewellery industry is extremely exploitative and damaging. 

Finally, you will find you can get much better value for money with vintage jewellery. As vintage jewellery has been bought before, it is VAT exempt as it would have already been paid once on the item. This means you could get a ring with the same size and quality gemstone as a modern equivalent for 20% cheaper. 

Overall, there are so many benefits to choosing a vintage engagement ring and there is plenty of support out there to help you make the perfect choice. 

Propose At The Start Of The Evening

Typically, people will propose at the end of the evening following whatever they had planned, however a unique and wonderful alternative is to propose at the very beginning of the evening. For example, if you were going out for a really romantic evening, consider proposing when it begins rather than waiting until the end. 

This way, you can enjoy the rest of the evening and everything you had planned as an engaged couple and you will be able to fully relax. It is likely you will feel quite nervous, so you can just let loose and enjoy the evening. Also, it can be quite a bit of pressure trying to hide the ring and keep it safe for the entire evening, so proposing early is a great way to reduce that panic. 

Speak From The Heart 

Finally, make sure that you speak from the heart when proposing. Talk about some of your favourite memories, why you love that person and everything you are looking forward to for the future. Speaking honestly about how you feel about your partner is the best possible way to make the proposal memorable. You might have a few things in your head that you want to say, but don’t worry about planning every word. Just say what you feel in the moment and enjoy it! 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! 6 wonderful ways to make your proposal memorable. The best thing you can do is consider what your partner would want and go from there. No matter what you do, this will be one of the most magical moments of your life, so enjoy!

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