6 Ways To Take The Pain Out Of Moving Your Car

Whether you’re moving for a new job or are finally buying the retirement home of your dreams, you’ll rely on your car to get you around your new city. Unfortunately, moving a car isn’t always as easy as it seems. Maybe you don’t have time to drive from your current home to your new one. Perhaps the weather simply isn’t good enough for you to drive your vehicle and worry about moving your possessions. You can cut down on stress and enjoy your move by arranging for your car to be shipped to your new home. Keep these six stress-busting tips in mind as you get ready to move your car.

6 Ways To Take The Pain Out Of Moving Your Car

Clean and Inspect your Car before Shipment

Take time to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your car in the days before it will be picked up for shipment. Inspect your vehicle for any cosmetic or mechanical damage. Take photos of all areas of the car and date them before your transporter arrives.

Talk with your Insurance Agent about Shipment Coverage

In most cases, your shipping company’s insurance will cover loss or damage of your vehicle. However, it’s a good idea to talk with your car insurance agent to see if you should carry any extra coverage while moving. This is particularly important if you are having a classic or collectible car moved from one area to another.

Remove Aftermarket Devices and Valuables

Any aftermarket devices such as stereos, running lights and ground effects should be removed and shipped separately from your car. Remember that your vehicle may not be locked during the shipping process, so it’s important to remove all valuables. You should also be sure to take any toll road transmitters off your car as they may be inadvertently charged time and time again during the transport process.

Research DMV Requirements in your New State

It’s always a good idea to find out about car registration and licensing in the state where you’re moving before you get there. Make sure that you have all necessary paperwork stored in a safe place. Do not leave the car’s title, registration or insurance information in the glove box. It can be difficult to replace these items if they are lost, especially if you have moved to another state.

Spend Time Talking to your Transporter

You’ve found a reliable, affordable transport company via UShip.com. Now it’s time to spend some time talking with your transporter and finding out what they require before they’ll pick up your vehicle. If the company provides you with a pre-pickup checklist, be sure to complete all of the tasks before your driver arrives.

Schedule Plenty of Downtime for Pickup and Delivery Day

Vehicle shipment pickup and delivery times are rarely precise. Shipments can be delayed by traffic, customs and unforeseen conditions. In order to cut down on stress, plan to stay at home and relax on pickup and delivery day. It’s best to have a clear mind when your vehicle is delivered so that you can inspect it for damage and complete all transporter paperwork.

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