6 Timeless Fashion Tips For Men

Fashion trends come and go season after season, resulting in extraordinary amounts of waste all across the world. However, there are plenty of timeless pieces of fashion out there that you can wear for years and they won’t go out of fashion. Buying clothes less often means that you can invest more money into high quality items that will survive for decades. 

There is a reason that these pieces are timeless, as they suit a wide range of different body shapes as well as a multitude of social occasions. Before purchasing your next piece of clothing, invest in one of these timeless pieces and you won’t regret it! 

Invest In A Good Suit

Whether you work in a formal environment or not, investing in a good quality suit is always a great idea. You could wear it as a whole for formal occasions like weddings, you could wear the trousers with a shirt for a smart evening dinner look or you could pair the jacket with jeans and a smart t-shirt for the ideal smart casual look. There are so many different options to suit different occasions, so you will definitely get your money’s worth over the years.

Go for a neutral colour with some kind of unique design, like a navy blue check suit or a grey wool suit, to add something a bit different. These are still classic styles so you won’t need to worry about it going out of fashion and they will become essentials in your wardrobe. 

A good quality suit can vary in price, but for a great tailored suit you will be looking at around £500. If you wear a piece of your suit twice a month for two years, it will cost you about £10 a wear, which is a lot cheaper than renting a really good suit! Plus, these suits will last you closer to 10 years than two, so each wear will cost you next to nothing. This is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to timeless fashion!

Avoid Seasonal Trends

A really simple way to dress timelessly is to avoid seasonal trends. Trends are constantly appearing and disappearing within a matter of months, meaning people buy these pieces of clothing, wear them once or twice and then get rid of them, usually not in a sustainable way. Buying into fashion trends might seem like a good idea at the time, yet looking back in a few months, you are likely to regret it when the next trend comes about. Use accessories to make your outfits unique rather than new pieces of crazy clothing!

Many of the businesses who create the clothing to keep up with these trends are fast fashion companies, meaning they create pieces as quickly as possible for maximum profit, exploiting people and the environment in the process. The best thing to do to avoid this is to stick with timeless pieces of clothing. You will always look fashionable and you will save immense amounts of time and money, not to mention how much you will be helping the environment! 

Buy A Good Quality Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple item in any wardrobe, and for men, a straight leg, medium blue colour jean will never go out of fashion. Good quality jeans are made with stronger denim that feels great and looks high end. Cheaper jeans will begin to fade over time and seams may become weak, so you will find yourself buying them over and over. 

To determine whether a pair of jeans are good quality, look for uniform stitching and premium denim. Shopping for jeans at reputable companies is usually the best way forward, and for those of you who are environmentally conscious, research companies commitment to sourcing materials fairly and minimising their carbon footprint. 

In terms of the fit, go for a classic straight leg jean. Avoid anything like acid wash, as that goes in and out of fashion all the time. Your jeans should fit nicely just above your hips! 

Choose Versatile Items

Choosing versatile, yet classic, items is a brilliant way to have a varied wardrobe whilst always ensuring you are looking stylish. Having items you can mix and match with plenty of different things is definitely the way forward!

For example, take a black roll neck top. You could wear it with a suit for a formal occasion, you could pair it with slim fitting grey trousers, it would go great with jeans or you could even wear it with joggers from a mens full tracksuit for a great casual look. You have four different outfits for four different occasions all using that one top. 

Another example would be a black denim jacket. They have been in style for decades and it is unlikely that is going to change. Whether you’re wearing a smart, smart-casual, or casual outfit, you can throw on the black denim jacket, it will look great and people will see you as effortlessly stylish. 

The most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe is a plain white t-shirt. From blue or black jeans or smart trousers to casual joggers and shorts, your options really are endless. Buy a couple of great quality, thick white t-shirts and you will never struggle to find a top to wear with any outfit. 

Final Thoughts

Although it can be tempting to follow trends, there are so many benefits to wearing timeless pieces of clothing. You will save money, help the environment and there is less risk of having fashion faux-pas when you avoid jumping on the bandwagon with questionable trends! 

When in doubt, just keep it simple. Buy mostly neutral coloured clothing like greys, browns and blacks as they will be easy to mix and match with other items. Then, invest in a couple of great colourful pieces that really suit your skin tone that will last a good few years at least. Being known as timelessly fashionable is always a great thing, so invest in a few of these pieces and gradually build your dream timeless wardrobe!

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