6 Things to Do for Your Family This Week

Your family is one of the most precious things in your life. From toddlers to teenagers, from a no-kid household to a six-kid household, your family is as unique as you are. Your love for them shows itself in many ways, but one of the biggest is how you care for them. You love to keep your family safe, happy, and doing well. Some things you’re on top of, but other methods of care may have fallen to the wayside. This week, make sure you take care of these 6 things.

Have a Real Conversation

If it’s been too long since you have a long conversation with your spouse or one of your kids, you should find time for it this week. Social time is important for your kids’ emotional well being, so start training them to have healthy habits. Open, non-judgemental conversations, where you just listen to their stories, will go a long way towards forming healthy adults.

Check for Invisible Threats

Your home may seem safe, but it could be affected by invisible dangers. Radon may be seeping into your air, and mold could be growing in the damper areas of your house. If you live near a place that has experienced recent wildfires, you could be experiencing the impact of wildfire-related particulates. It’s important to get your home tested, so you know–officially–that you’re hazard free.

Go to the Orthodontist

You may be saving that orthodontist trip until your child is older–but waiting too late for braces could be a huge mistake. Some children, if their teeth are misaligned, can simply wear a mouthguard to bed while their teeth are forming. Your kids aren’t too young to see Orthodontics in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ, or wherever else you may live.

Do a Project Together

It might be hard to get everyone together, all doing the same thing. Projects are a great way to get the entire family involved. While this could be a great way to force your kids to paint the living room, you should make sure some of your projects are pure fun. You can build a huge snow fort or make ice cream.

Throw Stuff Out

If you feel like you can’t ever declutter the house, it might be time to remove the clutter once and for all. Shopping is fun, and between you and your kids, you’ve probably accumulated lots of stuff. Some is worth keeping but there’s probably a lot you can live without. Decluttering can feel really good, and it helps teach your kids healthy habits.

Make an Emergency Plan

It’s unlikely that your family will experience any serious threats. You wouldn’t want to find them happening, however, only to realize you were unprepared. You should have a list of phone numbers and safety procedures that all your kids can find. (The inside of a cupboard door is typically a good place.) If your kids know who to call, and you have a list of the nearest ER or urgent care, you’ll all be better prepared in case of an emergency.

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