5 Types Of Golf Hats That Can Keep You Cool In The Sun

Nothing can be more pleasant than a warm sunny day spent on one of the spectacular, beachfront golf courses in Tampa Bay. But those fierce, penetrating UV rays! They can wreak havoc with your skin, hair and your overall wellbeing. Given the extent of sun-damages, it will be wise for you to think of ideas that would protect you from the sun’s fury. Hats can offer you that much-needed protection.

Clothing is part of the decorum of the game and most of the golf courses have a dress code. Golfers don’t consider them restrictive. Rather they voluntarily adhere to these codes, as they are designed to carry on with the game’s traditions. The dress code applies not only to the clothing, but also to all fashion accessories including your golf hat. Thus, not all types of headgear are allowed in the green. Here are certain styles that you can try for your next golf outing:

Toyo Straw Hats

The veteran golfer Greg Norman imported this style to the golf space. It may not look very fashionable at first glance, but it can keep you cool when you play your rounds on a hot summer day. With its extra-wide 360-degree brims, it doesn’t only keep the sun off your forehead, ears, and the neck, but also lets the heat escape through its ventilated tops. That extended shade prevents your body temperature from shooting up. The result? You feel cooler and can better focus on your game.

Mesh Hats

Apparently one would look at the mesh design and think that these hats are incapable of blocking any heat. In reality, they are even better than the Toyo straw hats. Wondering how? Well, they have ventilation both on the top and along their side panels. By allowing the heat to escape easily, these hats prevent your head from getting overheated.

Need more reasons to buy these hats? At $10 to $20 they are cost-effective, too.

Bamboo Hats

Did you know that bamboo is actually good at keeping things cool? Studies have shown that bamboo is cooler than cotton by a few notches (three degrees Fahrenheit to be precise). Fabrics made from bamboo are not only eco-friendly, but are also extremely breathable. Bamboo hats would prevent heat from accumulating on your head. They would absorb those trickling sweat on your brows, and would help raise the comfort level. Coming in a range of colors, they are stylish too. At $30 or up, they are on the higher end of the price, but worth your collection, especially if y are keen on flaunting the greener side of your personality.

Cooling Crystal Hats

Just like all other types, evaporation is the name of the game with these pieces. They make use of crystals to give you a cooling effect. Removable crystals are embedded in the fabric and all you need to do is soak the hat for five minutes before you hit the link. This will activate the crystals, and turn them into cooling gel.

Fear not, your hat won’t feel wet. The gel will retain the moisture, leaving your hat dry to touch. This innovative technology is designed to keep you cool for long hours while you play.

Evaporative Cooling Hats

The same tricks apply here again. The only difference is that you will have to submerge your hat in cold water for a couple of minutes before you go out in the sun. Wring out the excess water. It is designed in a way that the hat’s inner lining retains the cool water. It can make you feel up to 20 degree Fahrenheit cooler. The effect lasts for as long as five hours. Know what? Olympians use this technology. So why not follow suit of the world’s best athletes, try the style and stay comfortable while playing?

A dazzling day gives you the perfect excuse to hit one of the scenic golf courses in the Tampa Bay and play a few rounds. Don’t fall prey to those harmful UV rays. Take your pick from a wide range of golf hats, stay protected and make a style statement.

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