5 Tools To Own After Your Home Gets Hit By A Hurricane

You and your home survived the hurricane, and now cleanup must be done. Intrusion of water into your home is very serious. It can lead to deterioration of your home and mold build-up that is not only eats away at your home but is extremely dangerous. To remove this water effectively you need to have the proper tools. Aer Industries has put together a list of ome of these tools will be difficult to purchase after a hurricane, it is advised to have them ready before the storm arrives.

5 Tools To Own After Your Home Gets Hit By A Hurricane

Taking Care of Your Home is a Slow Process

The first thing you want to have is a generator, there may not be any power after a hurricane. Next, to remove water quickly you want to have a wet/dry shop vacuum. These can be especially useful for rooms with carpeting. The third tool you want to have after a hurricane is a dehumidifier. To keep up with the moisture levels, it is recommended to use a commercial dehumidifier. If not you may want to run two dehumidifiers to keep up. The next tool to have is an air blower, which helps supplement air movement and quickens the drying out process. The last tool needed would be a dryer. This tool is one that also supplements air movement and makes the drying process much faster.

After using the wet/dry shop vacuum, remove any carpets in your home and place them outside to finish drying and for the prevention of serious mold growth. If there your home has more than one floor, be sure to begin at the top. If your home is without power, open all windows and doors, if not have your air conditioner running. Make sure your commercial dehumidifier and commercial air blower are running at all times, so long as your generator allows it. Keep safety in mind, watch where cords are at all times!

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