5 Things You Should Stop Saying To Women

No matter how much we talk about women’s emancipation, our basic mind-set towards women is so flawed that we undo most of the measures to improve the standard of life for women. Most of these mentalities spring from our deep patriarchal mind-set and the best way to deal with them is to start from the basics. If we keep on saying the same things that are apparently helpful but actually derogatory to women, we would be doing the same wrongs over and over again and all our efforts will go vain into a loop.

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“You’re a woman, you need protection” – women need no protection, well not more than a man does. This entire game of being protective to women is nothing but the other side of molesting them. Society teaches us to control women in some way or the other. It may be through protection or maybe through aggression. So, one need not lecture about “protecting a woman” because that is secretly being derogatory to women. One should focus how men must not be aggressive. Aggression is not a sign of masculinity.

“You don’t have to study much, you can ultimately marry”– a very common jibe towards women is that they might take their education lightly because it will ultimately of no use. One should think that even if a woman marries, that does not nullify her need for education. Also, this comes from the common assumption that women would leave work after marriage and concentrate on home. Even that is not necessary. Housework is not the ultimate destiny for women. In modern families men and women divide all the house works among them. Both of them also usually work. And just because a woman will stay at home, there is no need to assume that she would neglect her education. An education is a must no matter what you do., it has nothing to do with getting jobs.

“Women are dumb, they don’t study science.”– Another phrase which is funny and baseless at its best. Not to mention very primitive and sexist. There is nothing anatomically to suggest that women have lesser intelligence than men. And if you also look around, men and women are intelligent enough equally. It’s a different thing they might be equally dumb. In my family, my mother has always been a better student than my other. I have also known women who have possessed much intelligence and common sense than men. Also, this separation of disciplines on the basis of gender is arbitrary. Men also study humanities and women excel in science. All these are nothing but pre conceived notions that once made sense when women’s education was not that developed but now it simply makes no sense.

“Proper women don’t talk back.”– What makes a proper woman is still a mystery to me. The society’s idea of a proper woman is a dumb doll that you can manipulate to your own will. She would do all your housework, stoke you ego by acting dumb, do whatever you say, tolerate all your rubbish ideas about feminists and say nothing. Well, that’s how most people want their wives and daughters to be. But isn’t that sad that you are confined your loved ones into stupid boundaries that make no sense. Men and women are equal and can be each other’s partners.

“It’s impossible to understand women”- probably because you are dumb. Or you are a bad judge of people. It’s a myth that women think in a skewed manner. Men also do. Everybody does. It is very easy for a man to feign ignorance into women’s matters. It is just an offhand way to be insensitive to what a woman wants.

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