5 Office Uniform Colors & What They Signify

Colors play an important role in our lives. The world would be such a boring and monotonous place to live in, without the colors. Same is the case with the uniforms in a business house or a company. Therefore it is very important to choose the color of the work uniforms which not only looks professional but aesthetically presentable also and makes the looks of the office or the work place pleasant. At the same time the color of the uniform should also be such that it doesn’t look out of place with the business goals. The commonly used colors for work uniforms are normally white, black, blue or grey.

1. White

White color is the most soothing and refreshing color on the earth. When used in right combination, it adds to the grace of every other color. White is most suitable for usage in the corporate offices where it adds to the sophistication of the overall looks of the office when used in combination with dark blue or black. It is also quite commonly used in the hospitality industry like restaurants, clubs and bars. At the same time, a white coat in a hospital makes the doctors easily recognizable amongst the other staff.

2. Black

The business suits particularly look great in black. The advantage is that it can be used in combination with shirts of many light colors. The black color reflects not only sophistication but authority as well. Hence it is more suitable for the people in the top hierarchy of the company.

5 Office Uniform Colors & What They Signify

3. Dark Blue

This is a color which can be effectively used for the work force which is working on the shop floor. Being dark, it doesn’t reflect stains etc. quickly and hence can be used for a longer period without looking dirty. Mostly used in not so smooth cotton fabric, dark blue normally distinguishes the factory workers from the office staff.

4. Light Blue

This is the color which is normally associated with the staff of a medical institution. The world over, the paramedical staff in hospitals can be seen in the attires in the light blue colors. This of course helps the visitors in a big way because of the universality of usage across the globe. Total image has been providing high quality uniform in light blue shade to many small and big brands all over Sydney as well as Australia.

5. Grey

Different shades of grey color are also quite commonly used in uniforms Sydney because of the reason that almost all shades of the color look quite good and different shades can be chosen for different industries or different departments within the same organization. This color not only looks good but it also reflects sophistication when used in right combinations.

Total image can show you the various color combinations for the uniform. They also allow a good mix and match with respect to the company logo. You can give a call on their number to call on of their associates at your office.

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