5 Most Popular Escape Room Games You Should Play Atleast Once

Escape room games are providing wholesome entertainment to players since the start.  These games are known to improve a person’s puzzle solving abilities.  A player will have to follow certain rules, defeat the game and has to escape from it.

People come in and try their creative ways to win the game. If you are a fan of twist and turns of escape room games then click here. This website has 5 different themes of escape games providing an amazing experience to its users.

5 Most Popular Escape Room Games

Here is a list of top five different escape room games you need to play with your team. It is the perfect choice to show and renovate your skills as a team player.

  • Linear Escape Room Games

Linear Escape Room game is the first level, in which you need to solve the puzzles in a certain progressive manner, and not just randomly or in constant time. Finish one puzzle and move on to the next one. Linear games are the simplest and best for the first-time players, from it you can learn and gain knowledge of actually how the escape room games are and how it is played.

  • Non-Linear Escape Room Games

As the name suggests this game is quite difficult and time-consuming as compared to the first one. It only allows the players after solving the puzzles chronologically then to move right forward. To solve these puzzles, you need to divide your team into several mini-groups. Non-Linear escape rooms allow larger teams to play since it is hard and time-consuming.

  • Linear and Non-Linear Escape Rooms

This is a mixture and amalgamation of both the above mentioned games. Since it is a combination, games have to be solved according to the need and structure of the escape room.

  • Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a combination of both linear and non-linear escape rooms. Challenges are totally different in nature because it includes searching even objects rather than just clues. Numerous group of people can play and indulge in this game due to its complicated way to approach for the clues.

  • Red Herring

Red herring means it’s a kind of different obstacles being placed to solve the puzzles which are being linked to clues. Altogether there are also lots of unusual things that have no meaning and connections with each other but just to make the players confused. Red Herring is also a mixture and combination of linear and non-linear types of escape rooms. All these types of games are difficult to play only for the individuals, it is allowed to be played in groups and sub-groups.


Escape room games improve your ability to have effectual teamwork and use tactical skills, cleverness, and intelligence. It shows how the members of the team are capable to understand one another and follow the instructions properly and make the possibilities of winning and exploring the game. This is exciting and also improves your various skills to win the game. The game lets you explore and use your expertise to overcome the challenge.

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