5 most common health problems of bodybuilders

Competition is everywhere in world, whether it is education, business or sports. Every person tries various ways and means to survive in this competition. Sometimes the participants even compromise with their health to excel in this competition. One such compromise is consumption of steroids by sportspersons. We all know that most of the athletes and body builders consume steroids to stimulate their muscle mass. They do this to get bulky appearance in comparison to that of their competitors and with hope of gaining strength which could win competitions for them. If steroids are taken in prescribed quantities then it certainly gives positive results. However, if too much of steroids are consumed then it could prove little troublesome for one who is on steroids. There are several side effects of steroids on your health that are proved medically. Here, we have listed 5 most common health problems of bodybuilders:

  1. Aggression/Depression: The steroids adversely affect production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which leads to mood fluctuations. The consumer of steroids face problems of instant rage or at other times they suffer from severe depression such that they have to consume anti-depressants too. Thus, excessive use of steroids could be very harmful for brain and mental health of body builders.
  2. Heart Problems: Physical health has no less threat than mental health. There are increased chances of heart attack and high blood pressure when you use steroids. This is because, heart is also a muscle, and it gets enlarged along with increase in other muscle mass when steroids are consumed.
  3. Adverse effects on Prostate: Similar to heart, prostrate in men also gets enlarged which in turn increases the possibility of developing prostate cancer in them. Thus, is it is very essential to consume steroids with in restricted dose. It would be good if the bodybuilders (who so ever are consuming steroids) get their body check-up regularly done, so as to detect any medical threat at an early stage. This would warn further use of steroids and get the threat treated in time.
  4. Change in Behaviour: Use of steroids supplements man’s body with chemically formed testosterone hormone and suppresses natural production of testosterone hormone. When the bodybuilders discontinue using the steroid use, the natural production is not revived. This leads to less manly behaviour. If women are consuming steroids then they tend to develop male physical characteristics due to increased testosterone hormone in their body.
  5. Liver: Liver is another internal organ which is badly affected by steroids. There are chances of formation of tumors and blood filled cysts in liver. This causes indigestion and in worse cases it could cause internal bleeding and finally liver damage.

All above are alarming side effects of steroid consumptions by body builders especially when they consume it without guidance and over prescribed limit.It is advisable not to play with your health for any competition. It has been rightly said that “Health is wealth”.  Thus, all bodybuilders and other athletes must be cautious and aware of suitable and unsuitable steroids. Do your homework well before consuming any steroid.

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