5 Jobs That Are Simply Perfect For Avid Readers

If you’re someone who is always reading something and are known to couch-travel to places more often than necessary, then it’s safe to say that you’re an insane readoholic. It is the fantasy of every passionate reader that they land themselves a job where all they have to do is read and get paid for it. What if we told you that this is possible? What if we told you that the stuff that a reader’s dream is made of (to bury oneself in a book and forget the world) can actually be lived for real? You get to do what you love and miraculously, you can make money out of it as well! This piece is dedicated to jobs that will take your enthusiasm for reading to the next level.

Certain jobs like that of a librarian, a lawyer or a journalist might require specific professional degrees but most of these jobs are flexible when it comes to academic qualifications. Coming to think of it, a bachelor’s degree in literature is usually preferred but not necessary. If you love your words enough then it can take you to Mordor and Hogwarts and to King’s Landing which is wayyy better than just a bookish degree.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these five careers that are perfect for wordsmiths!

1. Teaching

Teaching and reading often are two sides of the same coin as it’s rather difficult to part a teacher from his/her books. Irrespective of whether you teach at school level or are a college professor, there’s a lot of reading involved to reach where you want. This is mainly because you will have to create lesson plans and keep yourself updated with the developments in your subject and discuss this with your students.

2. Journalism

If you’re someone who reads literally everything from the back of bran flakes pack to novels, magazines and text messages with an eye for detail you might probably be the perfect fit for the job of a copy editor. If your style is more inclined towards reporting, a strong reading habit will come to your rescue for both long-form articles and news pieces. This is mainly because both require thorough research and flawless writing style.

3. Lawyer

If you have a way with words coupled with a sharp mind that enjoys the prospect of a challenge then you can make your name in the profession of law. When lawyers are not kicking ass representing clients in court, they have to keep themselves updated by reading through mountains of case laws and statute books. Be it framing of a simple Will template or drafting a petition, the way lawyers play with words is what distinguishes them in their line of work.

If you don’t see yourself making it as a lawyer then you can slide your way in the legal scene by working as a paralegal. Paralegals help lawyers out with research work and documenting of evidence and other important paperwork. They also maintain reference documents. What’s more, this job requires copious amounts of reading so you’re sorted.

4. Content Writer

The phrase ‘Content is King’ has become the mantra for online marketers over the years and as we all know, most readers are writers in the making. Every e-tailer today have their own blog up and running which means there are several opportunities to pursue considering the amount of content that’s being consumed on digital platforms on a daily basis. Other possible career options include writing blog posts for corporate websites or you can create your own personal blog as well.

5. Librarian

One word – Library! Is there a better place than this for any booklover? Enveloped with stories waiting to be read, this is perhaps the best place to be in and indulge in what you love to do the most and make a living out of it. There are hordes of other things that librarians do today than just issuing and stamping books. They are ardent readers and distinguished researchers who know their way around several resource and reference materials that are available to them. Here we don’t just mean books as this list includes e-books, audio books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs and CDs, databases and documents.

In any case, your average librarian today is more well-read than half the population in the world!

So there we have it, 5 careers perfect for avid readers although some of these may require for you to have certain qualifications to pursue it completely.

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