5 Free Tools For Organising Yourself Like A Business Professional

The tools which you use to organise yourself can save you a great amount of time which you could spend on other tasks. Free tools are easily available online and are also very easy to use.

1. Bitrix24

If your business has less than 12 employees then you can save on the costs of your administrative duties greatly. Bitrix24 has facilities which will enable you to communicate easily and faster too.

Setting it up takes almost no time and its benefits are manifold. Your business employees can now share files, notes and also chat on their work projects. A 5 GB of storage is offered with the free plan. For as much as $99 or $ 199 per month you can increase the storage if the need arises.

Bitrix24 was launched in the year 2012. Since then it has proven itself very useful for tasks like sharing photos, files and conversations. You can also transform it into an extranet for interaction with other business companies whom you deal with on a regular basis.

You can create invoices, instant message your clients and also manage documents altogether in one place.

5 Free Tools For Organising Yourself Like A Business Professional

2. Google Drive

Simply signing up for a Google email account will bring Google drive to you. 15 GB of storage is made available to you. This tool will replace your Microsoft word, excel, access and more with online replacements. All files, photos, documents can be stored to be available all in one place.

Your spreadsheets and presentations will all be at your fingertips when you need them. What better way to stay organised with your numerous business documents.

3. Word Press

About 17% of the web is powered by word press. Blogs, simple websites and also applications are available with in word press. This is an easy publishing tool which has several built in templates what you can use for representing your business online in the most professional manner for a fraction of the cost.

Support forums online will provide answers to your questions if you get stuck on any task. You can make your website multilingual too. External adverts are controlled too and you choose all the content you want displayed on your webpage.

4. Rapportive

This innovative tool can help you a long way in the promoting of your business. It can enable you to see the profiles of your email contacts on the social media websites like face book, LinkedIn and also twitter. This can give you a good idea of how to format your ideas. It is very good for your upcoming business. You can know exactly what to say as it gives you a direct insight into who people actually are and their interests.

5. Wave

For all your accounting needs, wave will enable you to create your company payroll for less than 10 employees with great ease. Moreover it is completely free. It can be used to prepare your business invoices as well. This tool will enable you to run your small business much more effectively as you can manage all your accounting much more easily.

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