5 Cornerstones Of All Cities

Cities are unique spaces that vary greatly from one to the next. You can find quaint cities near the edge of bucolic paradises, and you can explore heavily populated cities that are adjacent to bustling suburbs. While cities seriously differ in their style and composition, not to mention the people living in them, you’ll typically find certain features in these urban areas no matter where you go.

Public Transportation

Though the infrastructure and amount of public transportation may vary from city to city, it is likely that you’ll find some kind of public transportation in every city. If you’re going to an urban area, you’re almost certain to find traffic. Some of the areas of the city might be quieter and more navigable by car, but you’re still likely to see lots of cars in other spaces. Thus, cities typically have some sort of public transportation system. You might be able to travel through the city by bus, subway or taxi. In the past decade, the amount of public transportation has grown significantly, especially regarding populations that need additional support such as the need for transportation to hospitals and doctors’ offices for the elderly and disabled.


Everyone has to eat, which is probably why restaurants are found in every city. Not to mention how enjoyable eating is as a pst time. Dining out in the city is an activity that residents and tourists alike engage in. Both cozy coffee shops and elegant five-star restaurants line the streets of many cities. Some urban areas also have specific cultural districts. When you’re craving a certain type of cultural cuisine, you can see if the city has a neighborhood that celebrates the culture. Cities with a large island population will likely have a couple of restaurants that create authentic island food. A city with a large Vietnamese population may have a Vietnamese restaurant or even a Vietnamese cafe with authentic tea and coffee.


Visiting a city means you’ll want to have your credit card along with you as many opportunities for shopping exist. Shops of all different kinds dot the streets of cities, including clothing stores, gift shops, and grocery stores. Whether you need gifts for someone else or you want to treat yourself, you’ll find what’s needed. One thing that will differ from city to city is the type of shopping and the type of products available to purchase. For example, in a city where it snows 75 percent of the year, is likely to have different cold-weather products such as sweaters and anti-freeze. In comparison, a place that has high temperatures most of the year will likely have more products such as cooling buffs and sandals available at shopping malls.


The importance of medication and supplements for your daily life is probably the reason why every city has a drugstore or at least a pharmacy. Drugstores are different from pharmacies because they typically have more than just medications. Pharmaceuticals are still distributed by licensed pharmacists so you can get almost any medication that you could get from a pharmacy. However, there are also things like groceries, toiletry items, first-aid supplies, and things of that nature that you wouldn’t usually find at a pharmacy. Even in small cities, they typically have little trinkets that you can purchase as well as candy or other things that aren’t medical.


Plenty of people go on vacation to cities simply for relaxation and entertainment. Entertainment can mean things like going to the movies or to an arcade, but there are many other things that it can mean as well. For example, plays at the theater is common for most cities. If you like history museums and historical sites, you can certainly find those attractions as well. Almost every city has some sort of monument or protected area that is fun to visit. Much to the surprise of many, cities also tend to have stunning natural spaces and parks too. With the added focus on community happiness in the last decade, it is common for cities to spend more money on outdoor public spaces for kids and even dogs. More and more people are adding dogs to their families and with that, more and more people need a place for their dogs to be off-leash and play with other dogs. Parks complete with water features and obstacle courses are even popping up that are for kids and pets.


If you want to get to know a city better, you can go on a tour of the urban space. Some tours will take you through specific historical districts, or you may get a chance to explore the vast majority of the city. You can also find tours in other niches. For example, you could go on a ghost tour to learn about the city’s haunted past, or you could embark upon a food tour to sample different eats. Depending on the city and the distance between things to look at, the city may have tours that have different types of transportation. In some cities, this may be a bike or segway and in some cities, it will require a van or tour bus. Some tours even include going just outside of the city for nature walks or exciting zipline tours that may require ATVs. Whatever the city has to offer, it’s likely that a tour will be available.

Cities are seriously different from one another, and you can explore urban areas of all types. However, regardless of what city you’re going to, you can feel pretty confident that certain features will exist.

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