4 Ways to Stay Humble After Winning

Securing a win is one thing. To persist with the same mentality without getting carried away is altogether a different ballgame. Many people can’t ‘handle’ success and thus start experiencing a downward spiral after a win or two.

To stand one’s ground, remain in a winning mode and ensure that people close to you aren’t affected negatively, it is really important to stay humble after your victories.

1. Don’t Brag About It

There is a really fine line between excitement and bragging. Verbally bragging about a win especially when everyone is fully aware of it is an undesirable thing to do. A winner might find pleasure in bragging but others don’t. Displaying a medal hanger full of medals is enough to demonstrate one’s excitement and non-verbal brag about the win.

2. Don’t Forget the Beginning

Every winner starts from a humble beginning. In order to maintain their humility, winners must not forget about how their journey began and who they were before achieving it all. Past acknowledgment keeps them grounded and helps in negating the arrogance that often comes with success.

3. Share It

Getting the taste of victory and then sharing it with others is really important for having a balanced state of mind. This doesn’t just mean sharing it symbolically by throwing a celebration party or something. It is important to share success on the empathetic level as well i.e. helping others in winning and getting success. By sharing success by mentoring others, one can make sure that their success doesn’t isolate them from others. Success doesn’t have to uproot you from reality.

4. Understand That Winning Doesn’t Mean You’re Perfect

It is important to understand that a win, even in succession, doesn’t imply that a person is perfect. Nobody is perfect and the notion of it is really toxic and detrimental for the individual’s growth.

A person who thinks of himself as the epitome of perfection starts fending off people. The development of this trait eventually affects their relationships as well. Moreover, people who consider themselves perfect also think that they are infallible to defeat, which is yet another dangerous attribute.

So, while it is important to remember and celebrate victories in different ways like installing stainless-steel medal hangers, it is equally important to remain humble about them.

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