4 Principles of Successful Online Training

In recent years, employee training changed in more ways than one. Among others, one of the key shifts is the transition towards being digital rather than classroom-based. That said, this article talks about the principles of effective online training to guarantee optimal benefits for both the learner and the organization.

  1. Quality Trumps Quantity

As you may have noticed in e-learning software, the focus is on the quality of the materials and not the quantity. This means that the modules do not necessarily need to include hundreds of pages of reading materials or hours of lengthy videos. The trend is to make it easier to digest by breaking it down into smaller parts, like videos that are only two to three minutes in length. Despite being short, these are high-quality materials that are effective in achieving the goals of the training programs.

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  1. Visual Aids Improve Communication

Successful online training needs to be entertaining, providing learners with the reason to stick to the module instead of bouncing. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most promising is the use of visual elements, including photos and videos. Humans are visual creatures, which is why it is crucial to tap the latter to create an instant connection to the audience. Make sure that the visuals are relevant to the materials.

  1. Conversational Over Formal Tone

For effective online training, one of the secrets is to make it conversational. Whether it is in the form of text or audio, the material should make the participants feel that they are talking to someone who is approachable. It should never be intimidating. A good way to do this is to avoid jargon or technical language. Keep the wording simple and straight to the point. Do not overwhelm the learner with the unnecessary details. Also, online training with audio will benefit if the narration is in a human-like voice instead of a robotic tone.

  1. Slowly but Surely

Online learning is not a race. Instead, it is a journey that is meant to be taken slowly. Therefore, when creating an online approach to train the employees, do not rush. The goal is to not finish it as soon as possible. Rather, the intention is to accomplish the training with the assurance that the participants learn something new. Besides, training needs to be a continuous effort and not a one-time event. Speaking of taking it slowly, consider providing pre-training to orient the learners about the fundamentals before they move to the more complicated parts. This prepares them on what lies ahead and prevents being overwhelmed.

There is no doubt that online training is effective in more ways than one. Its success, however, will depend highly on its implementation, making it crucial to pay attention to our suggestions above. Increase the chances of success by focusing on quality and not the quantity, incorporating visuals, using a conversational tone, and taking small steps.

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