3 Tips For Planning A Hassle-Free Group Golf Trip

Tampa in Florida is one of the largest cities of the Sunshine State. The city has more than 100 courses which golfers would love to visit with their friends and families. A group golfing vacation is the perfect way for buddies and business executives to unwind and socialize with each other.  You’ll appreciate the multi-facility golf resorts in Tampa. Golf courses in the city have tall trees, rich flora and picturesque lakes. All you need to do is saunter out of an upscale resort and find yourself on an expansive golf course. Group golf trips must be enjoyable and relaxing, but it’s possible only when you plan your tour carefully. Here are three tips to help you organize a hassle-free and fun-filled vacation:

1. Decide on the Venue

Selecting the right venue is not as simple as it sounds. You can choose from many resort-style courses, but considering budget and time is important. For example, you can head for golf courses in Tampa which are huge and come with resort facilities. Look for golf links set amongst undulating hills and dotted with oak trees. Some of the championship courses in the city have modern accommodations including 3-bedroom villas with king-size beds, multi-amenity kitchens, multi-cuisine restaurants, spas, swimming pools and tennis courts. When it comes to venue selection, Tampa has loads to offer in terms of the best golf courses and affordable stay and play packages.

2. Choose Transport Wisely

Be it a flight or a bus trip, you need to be very careful while choosing the transportation. What you consider the cheapest flight may charge you extra for carrying golf bags and equipment. When you are booking the tickets, make sure that you mention the kind of bags you’ll be carrying and the number of people traveling in your group. Don’t hesitate to ask for group discounts. That’s because numerous discounted packages are available for golf touring groups.

3. Set a Schedule and Inform Your Group

Plan a schedule before the journey. Focus on all details such as tee times, arrival times, practice time, lunch or dinner reservations, sightseeing and shopping. Chalking out a planned and detailed schedule will help you stay relaxed for the rest of the trip. A good schedule will keep the group informed as to what’s happening and how.

Your schedule should not be just about the game. There are other activities that you need to focus on. For example, you can chalk out a table showing when you are fishing in the morning or putting in the afternoon. You can also decide when to visit the tourist attractions in Tampa and when to go  shopping. Also inform all members in the group about the kind of course you are selecting, the overall cost, which places you are going to visit, etc. Keep everyone informed about what recreational activities you are including in the trip and what you are leaving out. For example, if you are planning to head for the Africa-themed Busch Gardens make sure that all members know about the sightseeing cost and itinerary. There will be no hassles in collecting the money if you inform your group in advance.  If you are leaving out the Florida Aquarium inform that too to avoid future disappointments.

However, prepare a schedule that is convenient for all. If some of your friends would like to take a plunge into the resort swimming pool after a round of golf in the afternoon, make sure there is time for such activities.

If you are looking forward to an exciting group excursion in Tampa, golf courses are the best places to unwind and relax. Plan carefully to enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free golf trip, on and off the course.

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