10 Tips To Win A Golf Tournament

Millions of Texans love to tee off their weekends on the golf course. With more than a thousand stunning golf courses spread across the state all golfers irrespective of their level of expertise get a chance to pursue the sport. They often look forward to the many golf tournaments in Texas that let them test their skill, inspire them to fine-tune their techniques, and give them the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion. Competitions are held across northern Texas. If you are planning to participate in one of them, it’s imperative that you hone your golfing skills to win the big game.

Here are 10 tips to help you become a star performer in an upcoming tournament:

1. Watch What You Eat and Drink

Always have healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts and turkey jerky before the round. These food items will make you more attentive while reducing exhaustion. Switch to healthy proteins and carbohydrates to stay fit and to control your blood sugar levels. You can also eat whole-grain toast along with two or three boiled eggs. If you need to drink coffee, go for the decaffeinated ones. However, the best way to stay hydrated is by drinking lots of water, at least 16 ounces an hour. Stay away from fruit juices, sports drinks or soda as these are high in sugar. Potassium-rich bananas serve as great energy boosters during a mid-round. Avoid fried eggs and pork sausage at all cost. Gorging on them will only make you drowsy and lethargic.

2. Use the Right Club

Make sure you have the right club in your golf bag if you are planning to win. With the right set of drivers, you will be able to hit long shots and play straight off the tee. According to eminent golfers, the driver is the quintessential equipment that you should carry. Play with longer driver shafts if you want your swing shots to be more powerful, creating more speed. You can choose an offset driver if you have less swing speed. Reputed golf courses in Texas have pro shops providing the right set of clubs to suit your golfing needs.

3. Practice Long and Short Putts

When practicing, focus more on long and short putts instead of focusing on mid-range putts. If you are good at long putts, it will improve your speed. Short putts will boost your confidence levels. According to Geoff Ogilvy, winner of 2006 US Open Championship, has some good advice for golfers. He prefers short putts that have the ability to hit the target in several ways. Some shots may be strong while others soft. Once you practice short putts for a while, you will understand how to approach your game and what works best.

4. Ask Your Swing Coach to Travel with You

There are some professional golfers who love traveling with their swing coach. Experienced coaches follow a golfer around the link, particularly during the practice sessions. Get firsthand knowledge about golfing strategies. Spend a lot of time with your coach on the putting green and driving range. Get the right advice at the right time when honing your putting and swinging skills.

5. Be Careful about Time

Determine how much time you would want at a course in advance. Always remember that you need to be present on the tee at least ten minutes before the match begins. It’s always better to start a little early from your home, but make sure that you don’t miss your healthy breakfast. Manage your time well and stick to the things that you need.

6. Think As if You are Playing a Normal Round

A game of golf will remain the same whether you are playing with your buddies or participating in a tournament. The ball will either sink into a hole or it will not. Therefore, be cool and relaxed. Treat it as a normal round. Focus on your shots instead and try getting the ball into the hole with the least stokes possible.

7. Avoid Paying Heed to Unwanted Advice

Self-confidence is key while playing golf. Believe in yourself and do not entertain any unsolicited advice, even if it comes from a fellow golfer. Count upon your coach for the right guidance and keep the rest out.

8. Avoid Thinking about Results

Worrying too much about scores might leave a negative impact on your game. Nervousness and anxiety about the result or your performance might make your mind troubled and cause distractions. A disturbed state of mind might even prevent your body muscles from playing skillfully and efficiently. Think about the present, focus on the target and deliver the best shots. Scores will follow automatically.

9. Be Patient

In golf, like in many other sports, you need to be patient. There may be tough situations such as strong gusts of wind while making a swing. Don’t get disconcerted. Instead, keep your cool and wait for a distraction or disturbance to subside. It’s never a wise idea to play in an impulsive state of mind as this might mess up your performance in the tournament.

10. Adhere to a Routine

Eminent sports psychologists opine that following a routine helps players to stay focused. Before every shot, adhere to a physical and mental routine. It will help you understand what to do in a challenging situation and what you should avoid. When the pressure of the tournament is really building on you, a pre-shot routine will keep your nerves under control. It will also help you play every shot with equal dexterity.

Patience and practice are the twin secrets to a stellar golf performance. Nervousness on the D-day is alright and even expected, but you will learn to control it with time and practice. Play like a pro in one of the upcoming golf tournaments in Texas, and emerge victorious. Remember, a lot of hard-work goes into the making of great scores.

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