10 Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Handicapped Ratings

Handicap is a term frequently in golf, some intentionally, others simply following people’s lead without knowing about its definition. To put it in layman’s term, handicap is a number based on the golfer’s capability and performance based on the suggested golf course.

There is a calculation behind it, which yields a number undermining a golfer’s ability and how he can handle a particular course. The lower the number, the better a golfer’s ability is, for example, a golfer with handicap number 5 is way better than handicap number 10.

We understand that having a higher number of handicap rating is annoying and demoting. Anyone is above 20 handicap rating is considered to be a high-handicapper. According to the United States Golf Association (USGA), the highest number of Handicap for Men is 36 and for Women is 40.

So if you happen to be above the acceptance line in the golfing game, we have some helpful tips which would assist you to lower down the rating substantially. Here are the 10 simple Golf tips to improve your handicap rating almost by half.


1. Explore Your National Grip Stance and Backswing Plane

Every golfer, either small or large tries to intimate his or her hero at first. It’s not bad to explore various strategies and play with your heart out, but going professional, the best stance for your grip must be closest to your natural aptitude.

Find ways to better observe your arm swing movement, its direction, and contact. Basically, you can only do one out of three types swings, under, side on and on-top. The tip to remember is moving with your natural instinct and avoid replicating others.

2. Improve Your Natural Swinging

With every swing, the type is a separate practice strategy which has to be thoroughly improvised during a training session. First and foremost, after finding your natural selection of swing, you need to further groom it to such extent that its become your primary nature.

3. Discover Your Natural Standpoint

Good, now you are getting the hang of it by exploring yourself properly which is the most important part in every sport, as well as outside sports. You must have a natural stance during playoffs, holding your golf club, feet, and your knees auto adjusting to its natural position, that’s what we are talking about.

4. Practice to Bounce on Your Wedges

There are some best wedges for high handicappers in the market, which will assist you in defining the correct wedges for maximum put score, either you pick thin, or thick or both. Let’s go with both, shall we?

5. Putting Practice

Let’s see how many puts can you make in 10 minutes. Place the golf ball at a distance of 3-4 feet and start with a vigorous practice regime until you are getting a hang of it. I mean there is no substitute for hard work, so it’s better to get comfortable with it.

6. Chalk Outline for Ball Roll

There is no good golfer without his eye on precision. If that’s been claimed, you are on the road to becoming one of the best players. So with that dreaming going, you need to chalk out a line for your golf ball, and it’s your job to put out as accurately as you can so that it follows the line. The part of this exercise is to increase your confidence in hitting the ball where you want to travel, on the ground at least.

7. Make Your Lower Body Feel the Action

Your arms have a limit, and for the course which are extremely large in size and to make it below boogie, you need to involve the lower part of your body, that include hips and legs. A great shot depends on the right twist and placement contact with your arm, helps you to transfer additional energy from the ground and natural inertia.

8. Become a Master Chipper

Far out shots need certain about of chip in it, either you are at the green, bunker or under the woods, chipping is an undisputed friend of yours, based on how much you have put your effort mastering it. Thus, its repetition is what makes you capable to handle it.

9. Target Your Sweet Spots

Every ball has one depending on the distance the strike has to execute. Make sure every time is your sweet spot time, never miss a chance, because those high-handicapped numbers prove that you have missed a number of chances during your tenure, so this time, play like every shot counts.

10. Make Your Hips Move Independently

Unconscious mind helps a person in a number of ways, one of which is moving your hip during long-haul shots. If you are concentrating on your hip, legs, and arms altogether, you will bound to miss one important thing to focus, that’s the hole you are trying to put.


If we can round it all up, improving your grip and stance will certainly produce better results and your handicapped rating will go down. I am hopeful you would find this guide interesting and am looking forward with your thoughts on the comment section below.

About the author:

Sameeha Shamoon is behind Top Picks for Her, as a founder and Editor in Chief. She loves to write and teach others about general women’s stuff, and occasionally some specific areas as well. But with everything you’ll find at She Loves Best, the center of focus would always be our readers and improving their lives is what’s driving she every day.

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