10 Mandatory Research Points To Football Betting Success

If you are a regular punter on the weekend’s football, it’s always important you spend time doing the necessary research beforehand just to give you a better chance of winning. There are many things you can research, and how serious you are about winning will surely determine how much time you devote to the research process. Below we’ll have a look at 10 of the things you should research before putting money on a football event.

1. Team Line Ups: 

The first thing you’ll want to have a look at is the team line ups for each club, as they could both be missing important players through suspension or injury, which could have a massive effect on the result.

2. Recent Form

You’ll next want to have a look at the recent form of both teams. Just because one team is a firm favourite doesn’t mean they are going to be able to win if they haven’t won any of their last 5 games.

3. Head to Head Results

Take a look at how previous matches between the same sides have ended over the years, as some of the bigger teams out there always have a lower team in the league that they have struggled to play against in recent times.

4. Home or Away?

Just because a team is at home doesn’t mean they have an instant advantage against their opponents, as there are teams out there that play a lot better when they are on the road.

5. Football News

Having a look at the news when it comes to football is also a great way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers, as there is a lot that happens before the match that can have an impact on a player’s performance.

6. Team Changes

Not only will you want to have a look at the team line ups to check to see if any starting players are injured, but you’ll also want to go back to recent results to see what starting line ups have managed to win their games. Many managers change their line ups to rest important players as well, and this can have an impact on the overall result.

7. Competition

It’s just as important to have a look at the competition the match is taking place for. Many clubs opt to play a lot of youth players in domestic cups to give their important players a rest so they can concentrate on more important objectives such as winning the Premier League.

8. Relegation Battling Sides

It’s easy to bet on Chelsea to beat the likes of Sunderland with ease, but you have to remember these are clubs that are fighting a relegation battle so they are likely going to fight until the final whistle. These teams can prove much harder to play against than some of the top teams, so it’s always worth considering.

9. Weather

You will be surprised to know a lot of serious punters even look at the weather and the state of the pitch to determine whether a bet is viable or not. Some teams play better in the wet, whereas many others play better on the dryer occasions.

10. Odds

It’s important you look at the odds offered from a variety of bookmaker sources, as some bookmakers could know something different about the match than the others.

The above points are just some of the points you should consider when putting a bet on, and if you do manage to do plenty of research beforehand, always make sure you have a look at Free Bets websites to ensure you are able to take advantage of the many promotions they offer.

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