10 Accident-Free Car Driving Habits

If we drive safely, we should be able to avoid most traffic accidents. But many would ask whether it is really possible to completely avoid an accident, because it could happen at others’ fault. Bad weather could also be the culprit and certain issues with the car can make driving potentially dangerous. Here are things we should do to improve our safety on the road:

1. Don’t trust other drivers:

We shouldn’t assume that other drivers would properly follow rules when they drive. We should expect the worst and this can help us to prevent multiple accidents in our lifetimes.

10 Accident-Free Car Driving Habits

2. Always yield:

Other drivers may not have bad intentions, they could simply be confused, unskilled or distracted. It is possible to prevent accidents by yielding our way during certain situations.

3. Keep a safe distance:

It’s among the most important rules in defensive driving and many traffic accidents are caused by tailgating. By keeping a close distance, it would be harder to avoid a collision because we are unable to stop quickly.

4. Drive slower:

Higher speed simply magnifies risks and makes accidents more likely to happen. It can affect our reactions negatively and it would take longer and farther for our car to stop when we hit the brake pedal suddenly. When the collision does happen, the impact to our card could be much more severe.

5. Use seat belt:

We should use seatbelt to stay safe and it could help us prevent injury.

6. Be careful on the intersections:

Many traffic accidents happen in the intersection and we should pass it with extra caution.

7. Don’t run a red light:

It’s illegal to run on red. There’s a chance that other cars in the intersection also try to run on red, when it’s green yet.

8. Understand blind spots of your car:

There are blind areas where pedestrians and other vehicles are hidden from our view. Blind spot is more likely on larger cars, while commercial trucks can be notorious for blind spots. For this reason, we should be careful if there are multiple trucks on the highways. Remember this one simple rule: If we can’t see other drivers, they can’t see us. Know blind spots of our car and others’ cars so we will be safer on the road. Special spherical mirror attachments can help you to get 360-degree view around the car.

9. Don’t drive while unhealthy or under influence:

More than a third of traffic accidents in the United States are caused by driving under influence. If we go to a bar, make sure we keep one person sober enough to drive the car on the way home. Unfortunately, physical exercises, cold shower and coffee won’t get us sober sooner. People who are unhealthy could also be easily distracted; people who sneeze often while they drive at higher speeds can be more prone to accidents.

10. Be patient:

The mother of safe driving is clearly patience. Many drivers had accidents because they wanted to save a few seconds of the driving time.

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